What your poop says about your health? | How to know about your health by looking at your poop |

The toxins that are excreted by your body by the way of your poop are great indicator of our overall health. Your poop can tell a lot about what is going on inside your body and it is a very good indicator for your health.

It might sound strange to you but this is true and this test has been followed in Ayurveda since ancient times. Nowadays even in modern science stool test is conducted now and again to know the health of a person and take appropriate action.

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How to know about your health by looking at your poop | What your poop says about your health?
Your poop tells a lot about your health

According to Ayurveda all the major health issues start due to imbalance in your stomach. If you treat your stomach right and keep it healthy you would be disease free, this is the general beleif in Ayurveda.

Modern science also consider stool test of great importance. Normal person who does not knows how to identify the signals his/her poop 💩 is giving has difficulty in identifying the signals and take appropriate actions to keep his/her health in check.

By the way of looking at your poop you can identify various diseases that your body is trying to tell you by the way of your poop such as headache, indigestion, over sweating, mouth ulcers, back pain, and acidity.


But don’t worry as in this article we will discuss all the hidden warning signs that your poop gives you and how you can fix them at the comfort of your home.

Hello friends welcome to healthoriginaltips. If you know about Ayurveda, you might be knowing that according to Ayurveda around 95% of the illness originates from your stomach. And all this arises due to indigestion. 

This is why your poop is the fastest way to show signs, if something is not right inside your body. If immediate action is not taken after observing your poop and even after identifying what’s wrong inside your body by looking at your poop then this small disorder in your stomach will slowly spread allover your body and make things worse.

On the other hand if you learn this skill to identify the warning signals your body is giving, you will not need to visit a doctor for small things. Here I don’t underestimate the need for modern science and doctors. 

You should definitely visit doctors if the need arises, but if you prevent the disease and make sure you identify the root cause for all the diseases and treat them then you will not require to visit a doctor in the foreseeable future.

Since this topic is taboo in most of the houses therefore the important indications that your poop gives you are often ignored and overlooked, if however you learn to look at these indications and also teach your kids then it will be very helpful for both you and your family.

By teaching your kids how to identify the signals their poop is giving them you give them the power to understand what’s wrong in the body and immediately take action to correct it.

Now let us break this taboo and understand what your poop is trying to tell you.

What are the different types of poop formed and What your poop says about your health?

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Different types of poop
  • Have you observed your poop and is it dry a little hard and also broken up in small pieces or is it scanty a little hard dry and is it lumpy and cracked up. If you observe the above indications in your poop then this indicates that your body is excessive dry and cold.
  • Do you often get explosive pooping and your poop is loose in nature and falling apart and a little water if so then it indicates excessive heat in your body.
  • Now if you observe your poop to be very large in nature your pooping too much and it is also sticky and often difficult to pass and it takes time for you to pass it or if you find it list with mucus then it is a clear indication that your body is unable to absorb the nutrients and most probably you are eating oily and junk food. At indicates that your digestive system is unable to process the pride deep fried oily food that you are intaking.
  • The normal colour of your poop is light brown due to the presence of bile juice in it. However the colour of your poop can range from light yellow to brown to almost blackish depending on many things. 
  • Your poop is often coloured according to the food that you have eaten in the last one or two days. It can be green if you have eaten leafy greens, it can be red if you have eaten too much beetroots it can be bright yellow if you have eaten too much cereals and it can also be Grey white if you are on high medication. 
  • This colour change when you are eating something is normal but if the same colour persists for more than 3 to 4 days you should become alert as it could be a sign of some problem in your stomach. 
  • Sometimes if you are poop is excessive yellow and orange, it indicates that the food is passing through the digestive system very quickly and it is not getting the time required to digest it, and this might be due to some liver issues you are having some liver issues.
  • If you are having blackish poop then it indicates that your body is having excessive heat and it needs to be controlled as it is not good for your body or in some cases it can also be the case of internal bleeding.
  • If you are having reddish poop it can be due to the presence of blood in your stool or poop which can be dangerous and should be looked at immediately as it can be the starting of piles.

What is your daily experience with your poop and What your poop says about your health?

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How do you feel after pooping and what does your poop says about your health?

What is your daily experience while pooping? Do you have to force to poop and it is very difficult to pass or are you able to pass it too quickly. Ideally your poop should pass easily and naturally and according to Ayurveda this passing of poop should be done once a day.

According to ancient scriptures it is mentioned that if you are pooping once a day you are considered Yogi if you are pooping twice a day you are considered bhogi that is your eating too much and if you are pooping more than twice a day then you are a rogi which means that you are unwell and it requires to be treated.

  • If you are experiencing difficulty to pass your stool and if it is also very strainful and painful and it is a daily experience then it indicates that your bodies excessively dry and there is too much cash in your body. If you are facing these indications daily nature then attendicate that you are facing a regular bubbles and also towards constipation, your body is very dry and cold.
  • On the other hand if you stool is very loose in nature and passes very quickly that is you are unable to stop it and it is very urgent every time then it indicates that there is excessive heat in your body. This type of frequent bawal movement indicates that you might be tending towards diarrhoea
  • Now if you daily experience while cooking is that your poop is sluggish in nature and it passes very slowly also after pooping you feel incompleteness, your poop is sticky and very difficult to clean then these are the science that your body is excessively oily.
  • Apart from all the types of poop discussed above sometimes you might have observed a little piece of food in your poop it may be a piece of pea or corn or something else but whenever you find such a food item in your poop it indicates that your body is unable to digest properly and also that you might not be chewing properly.

In Ayurveda we have been told that it is not what you eat that is important but what you digest that counts.

What are the types of body according to Ayurveda?

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Types of body according to Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda there three types of body 200 Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These body types are divided according to the factors discussed above such as if your body try and cold it indicates that it is a Vata type of body, on the other hand with indicates that your bodies overly heated and the last but not the least if your body is oily at indicates cough body type.

Your poop will let you know about the nature of your body it can be Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

And believe me whatever disease you are facing or you have faced in the past h due to the imbalance of these three doshas. If you are able to treat the imbalance of these three dosa’s you will never again be unhealthy and you will always be healthy so keep on reading if you are enjoying the article till now.

How to create a balance in between the three doshas?

After analysing your poop if you have come to the conclusion that your body is dry and cold in nature then that means that Vata dosha is imbalanced.

What not to eat if your Vata dosha is imbalanced?

  • Dry fruits
  • Tea and coffee
  • Raw vegetable salads
  • Kidney beans

Whenever you want to eat almonds make sure you soak them overnight in water and peel them off before consuming.

What to eat if your Vata dosha is imbalanced?

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Vata dosha
  • Cold pressed oils
  • Desi cow ghee ( A2 GHEE)
  • Fresh dairy products

All the above products will help fight the dryness in your body and with balance your Vata dosha.

What to avoid if your Vata dosha is imbalanced?

  • Avoid eating excessive sour foods such as tamarind
  • Avoid eating refrigerated food and food that is packaged in nature

What helps if your Vata dosha is imbalanced?

A small change and take you a long way just start messaging your body with oil daily and you will find a drastic change and immediate results.

Now after analysing your poop according to the article, you come to the conclusion that there is excessive heat in your body then that indicates that your Pitta is imbalanced. You need to balance your pitta. 

What to avoid if your Pitta dosha is imbalanced?

pitta dosha or mesomorph ayurvedic 260nw 1775520299
Pitta dosha
  • Avoid spicy food
  • Avoid salty foods
  • Avoid sour foods
  • Reduce chillies spices eggs and meat

What to eat if your Pitta dosha is imbalanced?

  • Start eating sweet and bitter foods
  • Use jaggery or unprocessed sugar that is mishri
  • Homemade sweets
  • Foods which are high in water content
  • Fruits rich in water content such as coconut water melon etc

Now after analysing your poop according to the article, you come to the conclusion that your body is excessively oily then it indicates Kapha imbalance in your body and you should take proper steps to balance it.

What to avoid if your Kapha dosha is imbalanced?

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Kapha dosha
  • Simple yet effective way to balance your Kapha dosha is to stop eating refined oily foods.
  • Deep fried foods
  • Stop taking milk and milk products for a few days

What to eat if your Kapha dosha is imbalanced?

  • Start eating homemade spicy food
  • Fresh fruits
  • Raw vegetables
  • Green salads
  • Ginger tea
  • Food made up of gram flour

Now friends I can assure you that even though you might find these changes very in significant in nature but if you follow these religiously for just 2 days you will find a noticeable change in your body and you will find that your dosa’s are being balanced and within 2 days you will feel a lot more active and energetic.

And the best part is you can see the result in your poop the very next day.

What is the ideal poop and What your poop says about your health?

  • Your poop should be slightly oily soft and brownish in colour. 
  • It should be similar to a ripe banana in shape and consistency.
  • It should not stick to the toilet
  • It should float or over in the upper portion of water
  • It should pass naturally without any problem and pain
  • It should have a mild non offensive odour
  • You should get relieved with just one elimination in the morning.
  • After pooping you should feel lighter and relaxed

If you have the above characteristics in your poop then it can be said that your body is happy from within and it will be staying healthy and happy in the near future.

Isn’t it very amazing what we can learn from our own poop about our body health, and isn’t it amazing that are body gives so many indications yet we are unable to understand it just a little knowledge about your own body can make wonders in your health. 

Make sure that you read this article fully once twice or as many times as required till you understand the indications your body is giving and also make sure that you kids friends family members all know about these indications so kindly share this article with them so that each and everyone of your family and friends should be healthy without much efforts.

Just some small changes in your daily routine like doing yoga and Pranayam daily and understanding the indications your body is giving you can create a perfect balance within yourself and you will be thankful that you got to read this article. A few days you will be very confident of your body as you you will see the immediate results that your actions will fetch.

Friends I do a lot of research before publishing one article on my health website so if you are finding it useful and if you find it interesting kindly share it with your friends and family and on your social media platform to make sure that this article reaches as many people as possible.

Thank you for reading keep reading and stay healthy!!! 

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