Every second 1 person dies due to Viral Hepatitis | How to stay safe from Hepatitis in 6 very easy steps?

According to WHO, Evey second 1 person does due to hepatitis. Keep these 6 points in your mind to prevent hepatitis.

Every second 1 person dies due to Viral Hepatitis | How to stay safe from Hepatitis in 6 very easy  steps?
Hepatitis C virus, illustration. Hepatitis C is most commonly spread by blood contact, through blood transfusions or the sharing of infected needles. It causes inflammation of the liver with jaundice and flu-like symptoms. There is currently no vaccine for hepatitis C. #Source

What do you think: Is hepatitis curable or treatable?

Hepatitis is a disease that is related to your liver and if left untreated it can take the form of liver cancer. There are various types of hepatitis and all of them can be treated but out of all hepatitis, only two hepatitis A and hepatitis C can be totally cured. There are various effective ways in which hepatitis symptoms and results can be controlled.

Hepatitis is a type of virus that reaches your liver and causes inflammation in your liver and other body parts. The liver is a very important organ in your body and is required to perform many critical body functions. Therefore it is quite obvious that whenever there is any issue in your liver the results will show on your body, and your work will also get delayed due to all these. 

The liver helps in filtering your blood and processing the nutrients and it also helps in fighting any infection. If you drink excess alcohol, or you come in contact with other toxins such as impure blood, sperm, or some other contaminated medicines or medical equipment, you may get hepatitis.

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Types of hepatitis A,B,C,D,E

Hepatitis is of five types: type A,B,C,D,E. Out of these five B and C are the most dangerous and are also known as chronic hepatitis in the medical world. Hepatitis A and E are not considered dangerous. If left untreated hepatitis can cause liver failure and can also cause cancer. 

Hepatitis virus is considered more dangerous than HIV virus. If you get infected with hepatitis you may not even get any symptoms for a long time. Your eyes and skin may get yellowish in color, your urine color will turn dark yellowish, you may not feel like eating or you may not even feel hungry, you may feel feverish, weakness and you might get diarrhea, in such cases, it is better that you get yourself tested for hepatitis.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), all over the globe, it is estimated that around 350 million people are living with hepatitis virus and every second a person dies because of liver failure, cirrhosis, and cancer due to hepatitis virus. In the past WHO has published many posts and articles on social media on how to stay safe from hepatitis and various other important things to keep in mind related to hepatitis.

Always use sterile injection

You should ensure that you always use a sterile injection needle so as to minimize the use of a needle in two different persons. If somehow two different persons come in contact with the same needle then it gets very risky, as it increases the chances of spread of hepatitis and HIV. Therefore you should keep in mind that always use a fresh needle and ensure you do not come into contact with a used needle. Always use a sterile injection needle.

Do not practice unsafe sex

Most people think that hepatitis is spread by eating infected food or dirty food, or it is spread by dirty needles in injections which is not sterile. But it is a known factor that is ignored by a lot of people that hepatitis can also be spread by practicing unsafe sex which transfers the virus from one person to the other. Therefore make sure to use protection during sex.

Do not share blade and razor with anyone

Just like syringes and needles razors and blades used to shave also come into contact with the infected blood of a person suffering from hepatitis. Therefore it becomes important that you do not use any blade or razor used by some other person. A used blade and razor can infect you with hepatitis and HIV virus and is ery dangerous. So don’t take risks with the blade and razor you use.

Does hepatitis spread from tattoos and piercings?

You can get infected with hepatitis and HIV if you get tattoos on your body or get piercings on your body as both tattoo needles and piercing pins come into contact with multiple persons which can be a very easy carrier of hepatitis virus. Therefore make sure the next time you visit a tattoo parlor you will make sure that either the needle is replaced or properly sterilized. If the needle is not replaced or cleaned properly then make sure you stay away from it as it can be a source of hepatitis and HIV.

Get a shot of hepatitis

The best way to stay safe from hepatitis is to take shots of hepatitis regularly. However, you will not get shots for all types of hepatitis but no need to worry as there is a shot available for the most dangerous hepatitis which is Hepatitis B. And people of all age groups can get a shot of hepatitis b, so make sure you get a shot of Hepatitis B to stay safe and healthy from this deadly disease.

Constantly get tested at regular intervals

If you have to fight any disease then the first step in fighting the disease is to get yourself tested regularly so that you come to know of any disease that you might have got an infection from. If you know that you are infected with some virus only then you can take an action to heal yourself from the disease, therefore you must get yourself tested Evey few days and more so if you are not feeling well.


How many cases of hepatitis in the USA every year? For Hepatitis A around 25000 cases per year, and for Hepatitis B around 23000 new cases every year with an estimated 9 hundred thousand people living with hepatitis B. For hepatitis c around 50000 new cases every year with around 2.4 million people living with the disease.

How long does it last? Hepatitis A can last from a few weeks to a few months, Hepatitis B can last from a few weeks to chronic lifelong disease and Hepatitis C can last just like Hepatitis B from a few weeks to lifelong chronic disease.

Who should be vaccinated? For hepatitis A all children from 12-33 months should be vaccinated and All children and adolescents 2–18 years of age who have not previously received hepatitis A vaccine. For hepatitis B all infants and children below 19 years of age who have not been vaccinated. No vaccine is available for Hepatitis C.

What are the symptoms of Hepatitis virus infection? Many individuals with hepatitis don’t have side effects and don’t realize they are contaminated. On the off chance that side effects happen with intense contamination, they can seem whenever from 2 weeks to a half year after openness. Side effects of persistent viral hepatitis can require a very long time to create. Side effects of hepatitis can include fever, weariness, loss of hunger, sickness, retching, stomach torment, dull pee, light-shaded stools, joint agony, and jaundice.


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