What to eat to be healthy? || When to eat to be healthy? and How to eat to be healthy

Eggs are full of protein minerals antioxidants and other many essential minerals and vitamins required by your body it provides energy and also helps to keep you healthy.

Pulses and legumes are a very rich source of protein fiber and other nutrients and minerals.

The thing that you have to take care of is that you should not only eat to be healthy but you should also drink food to be healthy.

Vegetable juice is a very rich source of potassium vitamins calcium and it should definitely be included in your diet.

Green vegetables are very important for your health that it should definitely find place in your daily diet.

You might have seen many social media campaigns that these days apple cider vinegar is being promoted as a very healthy brain which aids in weight.

If you do not like eating meat or you are allergic to it you can include in your diet it has been observed that kids who eat fish or less prone to asthama then those who do not eat fish.

Meat is also very rich in vitamin B12 and omega-3 which is very important nutrient for your nervous system, heart and brain and keeps their health intact.