Is TikTok contributing to disordered eating behavior?(Learn now)

Is TikTok contributing to disordered eating behavior?(Learn now)

Latest study findings are that the most viewed content on Tik Tok is nutrition, health and food related.

Toxic diet culture is rising among teens and young adults because there are generally  no experts on Tik Tok giving advices.

Every day millions of teens are being fed content related to food, nutrition and health that is largely inaccurate.

The findings are concerning as social media usage is associated with disordered health habits and grows a sense of negative body image.

The research is one of the largest in scale on Tik Tok and it reviewed more than 100 videos and 10 most used hashtags around the topic.

One of the most viewed topic was weightloss. And the fact that billions of people are taking advice from Tik Tok on weight loss is alarming.

Majority of creators were female in the research and a very few of them were subject matter experts on the topic.

Make sure if you also watch Tik Tok for health and nutrition related information then check that the content you are consuming is actually worth.

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