Affirmative prayer for health(Does it help)

We have one life, one mind , one spirit and one vitality. I accept myself as the health of god.

Prayer Treatment for Health

My subconscious mind knows that all patterns of diseases are now neutralized and i am growing healthier every day.

Subconscious mind

My body glows with radiant energy and good health. Every organ, action and function of my body is in perfect balance.

Daily affirmations

Life flows and sings throughout my body.  Vibrant life flows through every cell of my body.

I love this body, and I feel it’s aliveness and sparkling vitality. I am thankful to god and thankful to nature.

I eat food that is good for me, I rest and relax, and I am grateful for the flexibility and energy I experience in my life.

My life is fulfilling and satisfying. I have a loving family with all family members in good shape and health. Thank you god.

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