Automata LINQ; Unlocking open, integrated lab automation

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Sponsored Content by AutomataMar 16 2023 In this interview, we speak to Mostafa ElSayed, CEO of Automata, about their new, open, integrated lab automation platform Automata LINQ and how it unlocks labs’ people, space and potential. Please could you introduce yourself, tell us about what Automata does, and what makes it exciting? My name is Mostafa … Read more

Product development and drug delivery at Seda

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In this interview, NewsMedical speaks with Shanoo about her career progression and role in Seda Pharmaceutical regarding product development and drug delivery. She also outlines some of the services that Seda offers. What field of science do you specialize in? I work in the field of pharmaceutical development and biopharmaceutics. Pharmaceutical development involves designing, developing … Read more