How does shilajit work in the body?

Shilajit, the most powerful supplement!

What is Shilajit? | Is shilajit good for health?

According to Ayurveda, Shilajit is the most powerful supplement. Ancient scriptures talk about how Shilajit is formed. We find the very first mention of Shilajit in old AYURVEDA Scriptures like Charaka Samhita. The dos and don t’s are mentioned clearly in these scriptures.

Shilajit means juice of mountains, that is the juice that we get from mountains. SHILAJIT is made up of two Sanskrit words SHILA and AJIT which means ROCK and INVINCIBLE. The literal meaning is therefore that by consuming SHILAJIT you become invincible. You won’t age if you start consuming Shilajit. It will increase your immunity and you will rarely fall ill.

According to AYURVEDA to attain MOKSH one needs to have a healthy body that is free of diseases. And I guarantee you that SHILAJIT, also known as the most powerful supplement, can give you that.

According to Shri Susruth acharya, shilajit is found in the months of Jyestha Asadha. This is the period ranging from Mid May to Mid July. Due to the strong rays of the sun during these months black juice oozes out from the rocks of the Himalayas. This is known as Shilajit.

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Where is shilajit found?

Are you wondering, where is shilajit found and why was it hidden from your eyes for so long. If yes, then the answer is Shilajit is found in the height range of 1000m to 5000m. It is found mostly in INDIA and in INDIA it is found in the Himalayan range from eastern Arunachal to KASHMIR.

Apart from INDIA, it is also found in other countries. Some of these are Russia, Tibet, Nepal, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Chile, and also in the Andes range of South America where we find a different variety of shilajit known as Andean Shilajit.

Scientists have found that the Shilajit found all over the world is almost the same structurally. But their chemical components differ according to the place of origin. This leads to various qualities of shilajit. Some are better than others.

How is shilajit formed?

How shilajit is formed is a topic that has led to arguments between researchers and scientists for a long time. But there is a general consensus that shilajit is formed by the process of Humification.

What is Humification?

Humification is a process of formation of humic substances (organic matter that has reached maturity) decomposed from plant remains. This leads to the formation of specific compounds in Shilajit which contains Fulvic acid. Humification happens through three steps:



This process includes plants and animal residues. Humification happens over a period of time, due to the forces of nature and chemical processes.


Earth is made up of continents and these continents keep on shifting. These continents rub against each other. This causes a lot of activities. Earthquakes take place because of this same phenomenon. This process leads to the process of Humification. There is a lot of pressure involved which changes the chemical structure of the plants and animal remains.

Scientists believe that the production of shilajit is not the end product of humification. Rather some other process leads to it. Humification is one of the processes in the production of shilajit. After a lot of research scientists found that there are certain compounds in shilajit that are found in comets and asteroids. Some scientists also have a theory that over the last thousands of years dust of asteroid showers and comets that hit our earth also leads to the production of shilajit.


Biomineralization is the process by which living organisms produce minerals, often to harden or stiffen existing tissues. These tissues are called mineralized tissues. Organisms have been producing mineralized skeletons for the past 550 million years.

What is Shilajit made up of?

Indian shilajit basically is a combination of two major components. Both of them are plants and their names are:


These are latex-oriented plants. Milk-like liquid oozes out of this plant if you break them. Shilajit is produced naturally by various techniques and contains different ingredients.

Euphorbia royleana
Trifolium repens

What are the types of Shilajit?

There are two varieties of Shilajit based on their smell. These are:


Out of these, the first one is used in medicines. Gomutra means cow urine and this type of shilajit smells like cow urine. According to AYURVEDA scriptures, gomutra (cow urine) can cure a lot of diseases. Indians worship cows since time immemorial due to the properties of cow urine and also because cows give milk.

Now there are two types of GOMUTRA variety :


Shilajit is produced naturally during the months of May and July. The NI-SATVA variety is artificially produced as it is made in the other months of the year.

The SA-SATVA variety is the naturally produced one which oozes out of the Himalayan rocks in the month of May to July.


Acharya Charak in the ancient scriptures speaks about four different varieties of this GOMUTRA variety, which are:

  1. SUVARNA (In sanskrit means GOLD)
  2. RAJAT (In sanskrit means SILVER)
  3. TAMRA (In sanskrit means COPPER)
  4. LAUH (In sanskrit means IRON)

The names are kept based on the color of the shilajit found. According to some scriptures such as SUSRUTA, two more types of GOMUTRA variety are known, which are:

  1. VANGA (In sanskrit means TIN)
  2. NAGA ( In sanskrit means LEAD)

Out of all these varieties, the LAUH one is the one that is black in color and resembles iron. It is used in medicines.

Lauh Shilajit

Gold and silver variety are a bit difficult to obtain. I have seen the Lauh variety which can be easily found. Scientists also believe that these four varieties are not totally different. Shilajit changes color and properties during the humification process.

The production of shilajit is in stages, it is first found on the rocks. When it is first found it is gold in color, then it slowly converts into the silver variety and slowly it changes color to Tamra and lastly it is converted to lauh variety which is black in color.

How to purify Shilajit?

You should purify Shilajit before consuming it. This has to be done so as to remove impurities from it as it is found freely on mountains where it is prone to dust and heavy metals. All these external factors are added to the shilajit and we can not consume shilajit in that state. Hence the need to purify it emerges before we can consume it.

There are two major methods of purification of shilajit, these are:

  1. AGNITAPI (Purity over fire)
  2. SURYATAPI ( Purification in sunlight)

You have to keep shilajit in an iron vessel overnight soaked in water. On the next day boil it till you get foam on the water. Then remove the foam, add some water and boil it again. Repeat this process until all the foam is separated and you can see pure shilajit at the bottom.

If you do this process with the help of fire it is known as AGNITAPI and when it is done using the sunlight it is known as SURYATAPI. This process can be done in any of the four liquid mixtures given below:


The use of the liquid depends on the end-use of the shilajit.

What are the dos and dont’s of Shilajit?

All the texts and scriptures point us to two basic uses of shilajit, these are:

  1. AILMENTS (Used as medicine)

When used for treating ailments, shilajit is used as a formulation. There are almost 20 to 25 types of shilajit according to the scriptures. These are made by combining compounds to give the desired effect. The main purpose of shilajit in these is YOGAVAHI (BIOENHANCER & MICRO TRANSPORTER).

Shilajit enters our body through the microchannels of the body. Therefore the effects of the shilajit are carried to the remotest cells of our body. This is how it works as YOGAVAHI.

The benefits of shilajit according to AYURVEDA are too many, it works on your heart, brain, muscles, and reproduction of cells. It helps to fight:


Shilajit benefits for women

Shilajit does not see if it is a man or a woman. It will simply leave the effects on the body which is taking it. To properly receive its good properties there are certain do’s and dont’s which one has to follow according to ancient scriptures.

A general rule of thumb is that include milk buttermilk in your diet along with shilajit and avoid hot and sour food that causes inflammation.

Is shilajit anti-aging?

Anti-aging means a state where our body stops aging and keeps that state for a long period of time. if you read old scriptures, many times we come across the stories of rishis and kings who didn’t age. Of the many such rishis was one Rishi Chyavana from whom the word chyawanprash comes. Chyawanprash is a household name in INDIA and people consume it along with milk to reap its benefits.

Sage Chyavana

In short, Chyavana was a sage in Hinduism. He was the son of Bhrigu also known as Bhrigu Varuni in Upanishads and is known for his rejuvenation through a special herbal paste known as chyawanprash. This paste was prepared by Ashwinikumars. According to the Mahabharata, he was powerful enough to oppose the thunderbolt (vajra) of Indra.  He was responsible for the Ashvins getting their share of the sacrificial offerings. He created a demon, Mada, to achieve it.

Yogis and yogini of the Himalayas are said to use shilajit for anti-aging. There are certain documents documented by the locals. They claim that they have met sadhus and yogis in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. These yogis live and meditate for hundred of years without getting old or sick. They withstand harsh weather conditions with virtually little or no warm clothes. These yogis still remain young and active throughout their life by taking the magical substances which is none other than shilajit.

You can find certain Buddhist scriptures known as Vajrayana which talk about shilajit and that shilajit is used in alchemy. Certain movies such as Dr strange of marvel also show such yogis who have lived for hundreds of years without getting old.

According to Acharya Charaka diet is to be maintained when consuming shilajit. You should include milk in your daily diet. According to him reduction in the levels of testosterone in men and estrogen in women leads to aging. Regularly taking shilajit reverses it by naturally balancing these hormones in the body. Research is going on these topics that by maintaining the optimum levels of hormones can we stop aging.

Research papers on shilajit!
Research papers on shilajit!

How to know shilajit is original?

There are two-three methods to test the purity of Shilajit according to scriptures. These methods are references and not the holy grail. You need to take care of many different aspects also while checking the purity of shilajit. Natural shilajit differs due to various reasons. These are its geographical location, the height from where it is collected, and a few more. But in general, all the pure shilajit will contain these three properties:

  • Pure shilajit is like clay, if you hold it in your hand you can stretch it like clay.
  • Take shilajit and burn it by keeping it on fire. It will burn but without emitting any fumes. This test can help you to identify the duplicate sellers who sell tar instead of shilajit.
  • Solubility test: Drop shilajit in water. it should float on the surface for a while and then slowly sink while leaving a residue in the bottom of the water. If this happens then you can be sure his proves that the shilajit is pure.

If you visit the Gangotri-Gomukh trail you can see people procuring shilajit. Shilajit is procured from difficult mountain terrains. This is the reason why real shilajit is so expensive. For your convenience, I will drop the best available shilajit online from where you can buy without the fear of fake products. And now you can also test if the shilajit is genuine or not by the above-mentioned methods.

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