Nonprofit Health System Says It Is Ending Policy That Denied Care to Indebted Patients

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Allina Health, a large nonprofit health system based in Minnesota, announced Wednesday that it would end its policy of denying medical care to patients with $4,500 or more in outstanding bills. Although Allina’s hospitals treated anyone in emergency rooms, other services were cut off for indebted patients, including children and those with chronic illnesses like … Read more

Does Wildfire Smoke Cause Sinus Issues?

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Q: I’ve noticed I get a runny nose when there’s wildfire smoke in the air. Should I be concerned? It’s well understood that wildfire smoke can wreak havoc on the body — taxing the lungs and heart, stinging the eyes and prompting headaches. But nasal passages are particularly susceptible, said Dr. Mark Dykewicz, an allergist … Read more

Mallinckrodt’s Bankruptcy Plan Would Cut Payments to Opioid Victims by $1 Billion

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A major opioid manufacturer that had promised to pay $1.7 billion as compensation over its role in the opioid crisis disclosed on Wednesday that it had reached an agreement with its creditors to reduce the settlement payments by $1 billion. The manufacturer, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, had originally agreed to pay the $1.7 billion over eight years … Read more

Gender Surgeries Nearly Tripled From 2016 Through 2019, Study Finds

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The Context: Transition care has become a political issue. Gender-affirming care has become a key political issue for conservatives in the run-up to the presidential election. At least 20 states led by Republicans have restricted or banned such care for minors. Gender-affirming surgery is endorsed by a wide array of medical groups. Yet surprisingly little … Read more

How Menopause Affects Women of Color

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It was the guffaw of her gynecologist. That’s the thing Dannette Fogle, a 65-year-old retired schoolteacher in New York, remembers most clearly about her introduction to menopause. She was 34 when she noticed changes in her otherwise regular menstrual cycle — a hallmark symptom of perimenopause, the transition toward the end of a woman’s fertility … Read more

Writing Therapy Shows Promise for PTSD

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The two therapies were found to be equally effective, and only 12.5 percent of subjects dropped out of the written exposure group before completing a course of treatment, compared with 35.6 percent in the prolonged exposure group. In 2018, a study by the same team found that written exposure therapy was as effective as cognitive … Read more

How a Small Gender Clinic Landed in a Political Storm

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The small Midwestern gender clinic was buckling under an unrelenting surge in demand. Last year, dozens of young patients were seeking appointments every month, far too many for the clinic’s two psychologists to screen. Doctors in the emergency room downstairs raised alarms about transgender teenagers arriving every day in crisis, taking hormones but not getting … Read more

The Best Relationship Advice of 2023, So Far


Experts increasingly know that human connection is integral to well-being, every bit as essential as getting enough sleep or moving your body. But relationships, particularly romantic partnerships, can be tricky. And we seldom receive the straightforward, evidence-based guidance we might get from a doctor about exercise or rest. Relationships are a big part of what … Read more

Expert Panel Recommends New Drugs for HIV Prevention

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An influential expert panel has given its highest recommendation to an expanded menu of H.I.V. prevention strategies for adults and adolescents, a move that will require private insurers to cover the drugs without a co-pay or deductible under the Affordable Care Act. The recommendation arrives as the Biden administration is fighting to preserve no-cost coverage … Read more

Leptospirosis – A disease that peaks during the monsoon season

gut bacteria thumb 1643803698344 1692701922979

As we transition from scorching summer to the relief of rain, it’s common to become less vigilant about health risks. Ironically, the monsoon season poses some of the most significant threats to human health due to the proliferation of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Among these, leptospirosis stands out as a crucial infectious disease, often … Read more

More Screen Time Delays Development in Babies, Study Finds

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The News One-year-olds exposed to more than four hours of screen time a day experienced developmental delays in communication and problem-solving skills at ages 2 and 4, according to a study published today in The Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics. The research also found that 1-year-olds who were exposed to more screen time … Read more

IP framework is critical for healthcare data

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In today’s technologically driven world, healthcare infrastructure and health data have emerged as critical components. The value of health care includes both the provision of high-quality medical care and the promotion of overall well-being. Similarly, health data, comprising of patients’ health conditions, medical histories, and outcomes, has become valuable for medical research, policy development, and … Read more

How Nursing Homes Failed to Protect Residents From Covid

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The first terrifying wave of Covid-19 caused 60,000 deaths among residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities within five months. As the pandemic wore on, medical guidelines called for promptly administering newly approved antiviral treatments to infected patients at high risk of severe illness, hospitalization or death. Why, then, did fewer than one … Read more

Jerome Hauer, 71, Manager of Catastrophes and Other Crises, Dies

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Jerome M. Hauer, who as the first director of the mayor’s Office of Emergency Management oversaw New York City’s response to floods, manhole explosions, mold outbreaks, building collapses, water main breaks, blackouts, hurricanes, sink holes, downed trees, terrorist threats, vermin and the uncertain digital impact on computer networks of Y2K, the turn of the millennium, … Read more

Flesh-Eating Bacteria at the Beach? What You Need to Know.

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The Back Story: An infection that surprises beachgoers. It’s not clear whether the appearance of these cases farther north than usual may be a result of better diagnosis or to warming waters associated with climate change. The illness, technically called vibriosis, may be caused by infection with several related bacteria. Among the worst is V. … Read more

Jerome Hauer, 71, Manager of Catastrophes and Other Crises, Dies

17Hauer1 lzbk facebookJumbo

Jerome M. Hauer, who as the first director of the mayor’s Office of Emergency Management oversaw New York City’s response to floods, manhole explosions, mold outbreaks, building collapses, water main breaks, blackouts, hurricanes, sink holes, downed trees, terrorist threats, vermin and the uncertain digital impact on computer networks of Y2K, the turn of the millennium, … Read more

What wildfire smoke means for birds

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The Maui wildfires are an ongoing human tragedy. At least 111 people have died, more than 1,000 people are unaccounted for, and many have been displaced from their homes. But such fires also put animals at risk. Wildlife, livestock and pets often perish in fires. Flames can destroy critical habitats for endangered species and set … Read more

MDMA Risks and How to Reduce Them

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Because of this, hyperthermia, or overheating, can occur in certain settings, such as clubs where people may dance for hours in a hot environment without taking breaks or drinking water, said Matthias Liechti, a professor of clinical pharmacology at the University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland. Signs of hyperthermia include redness, shivering and a lack … Read more

Where Ozempic, Wegovy and New Weight Loss Drugs Came From

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Every so often a drug comes along that has the potential to change the world. Medical specialists say the latest to offer that possibility are the new drugs that treat obesity — Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro and more that may soon be coming onto the market. It’s early, but nothing like these drugs has existed before. … Read more

Psyllium Husks Entice the Ozempic Generation

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Victor Nevarez had tried dozens of prescription medications and powders to manage his irritable bowel syndrome, and nothing was working. Max Wittek wanted to curb his appetite without relying on drugs like Ozempic. And Rachel Conners was just looking for a way to make chewy cinnamon rolls without any gluten. They all arrived at the … Read more

Aumenta la exposición a nicotina de vapes entre los niños

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La Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos de Estados Unidos (FDA, por su sigla en inglés) les recuerda a los cuidadores que deben almacenar los cartuchos de tabaco para vaporizadores de manera segura para evitar que los niños se intoxiquen con el líquido que contienen, y señala que la exposición a los cigarrillos electrónicos ha aumentado … Read more

Appeals Court Upholds Abortion Pill Restrictions

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A federal appeals court panel said Wednesday that it would impose restrictions on the abortion pill mifepristone that would prevent the drug from being prescribed by telemedicine or dispensed through the mail. But the decision — the latest development in a closely watched lawsuit filed by abortion opponents seeking to block access to abortion pills … Read more

‘Forever Chemicals’ Are Everywhere. What Are They Doing to Us?

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DuPont and 3M, which was manufacturing PFAS and using one in Scotchgard, began studying the potential health effects of their formulations in part as an occupational-safety measure. Initially, scientists assumed that because the first compounds were so stable and resistant to change — “inert,” in chemistry parlance — it would be impossible for them to … Read more

ADHD Medication Shortage Continues as the School Year Begins

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In the spring, Riana Shaw Robinson learned that her 11-year-old son, Madison, had sprinted out of class to chase a squirrel through his school’s courtyard in Berkeley, Calif. It’s not how her sixth grader would typically behave. But that day Madison hadn’t taken his Adderall — the medication that, in his words, helps his brain … Read more

Addiction Treatment Eludes More Than Half of Americans in Need

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Why It Matters: Opioid addiction affects every part of American society. Addiction cuts across class, race and geography, the KFF researchers found. Rural and white Americans were the likeliest to report personal or family opioid addiction, but significant percentages of Black, Hispanic, urban and suburban families did, as well. White families were more likely than … Read more

Opioid Settlement Money Is Being Spent on Police Cars and Overtime

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After years of litigation to hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable for the deadly abuse of prescription painkillers, payments from what could amount to more than $50 billion in court settlements have started to flow to states and communities to address the nation’s continuing opioid crisis. But though the payments come with stacks of guidance outlining … Read more

Should Opioid Settlement Money Be Spent on Law Enforcement?

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After years of litigation to hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable for the deadly abuse of prescription painkillers, payments from what could amount to more than $50 billion in court settlements have started to flow to states and communities to address the nation’s continuing opioid crisis. But though the payments come with stacks of guidance outlining … Read more

Why is Fiber Good For You? And How to Eat More of It

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Decades of research have shown that fiber-rich diets offer a range of health benefits, including healthier guts, longer lives and reduced risks of chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. Yet time and again, national surveys have found that few people in the United States are consuming enough fiber. Between 2015 … Read more

Out-of-pocket health expenditure in India: Inter-state variations

Health minister Tanaji Sawant on Tuesday directed 1691684369563 1691993283266

Adequate public investment in health, by ensuring better affordability and availability of health care, is crucial for sustaining a resilient public health system. Low public health spending can result in catastrophic out-of-pocket expenditure (OOPE), pushing households in the lowest income groups further below the poverty line. A World Health Organization (WHO) study published in March … Read more

Mütter Museum in Philadelphia Weighs Dialing Down its ‘Electric Frankness’

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The Mütter Museum, a 19th-century repository of medical oddments and arcana at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, attracts as many as 160,000 visitors a year. Among the anatomical and pathological specimens exhibited are skulls corroded by syphilis; spines twisted by rickets; skeletons deformed by corsets; microcephalic fetuses; a two-headed baby; a bound foot from … Read more

U.S. Suicide Deaths Rose in 2022, C.D.C. Estimates Say

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The estimated number of suicide deaths in the United States rose to nearly 50,000 in 2022, according to provisional data released on Thursday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The total would be an increase of approximately 2.6 percent since 2021. The C.D.C. estimates the overall number of deaths to be 49,449 but … Read more

How to Manage Mismatched Sex Drive in a Relationship

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Frances and her wife have been together for more than 40 years, and early on in their relationship they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Then came three children and a series of health issues (along with accompanying medications) that slowly eroded her wife’s libido. “Her interest just went away,” said Frances, 61, who … Read more

How Becoming a Regular Can Help Soothe Loneliness

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Surely my friend Amy would rescue me. She was a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-conquer-the-world kind of person, crushing it in her own career; if anyone could help me solve what was wrong in my life — which was more or less everything — she could. Here’s how it would happen: I’d bike over to her apartment, and she’d … Read more

Supreme Court Pauses Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy Deal

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The Supreme Court agreed on Thursday to consider the government’s challenge of a bankruptcy settlement involving Purdue Pharma, putting on pause a deal that would have shielded members of the wealthy Sackler family from civil opioid lawsuits in exchange for payments of up to $6 billion to thousands of plaintiffs. In doing so, the court … Read more

Research Trials Halted at Columbia’s Psychiatric Center After Suicide

10DRUG TRIAL 01 gfqh facebookJumbo

Federal regulators have suspended research on human subjects at the Columbia-affiliated New York State Psychiatric Institute, one of the country’s oldest research centers, as they investigate safety protocols across the institute after the suicide of a research participant. A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Kate Migliaccio-Grabill, confirmed on Wednesday that … Read more

U.S. Judge Strikes Down F.D.A. Regulation of Premium Cigars

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Not Everyone Is Celebrating Public health groups including the American Lung Association, American Heart Association, American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Cancer Society had filed briefs in court urging the judge to keep the regulations in place. On Thursday, Thomas Carr, the national director of policy for the American Lung Association, called the ruling … Read more

Heat Singes the Mind, Not Just the Body

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If you find that the blistering, unrelenting heat is making you anxious and irritable, even depressed, it’s not all in your head. Soaring temperatures can damage not just the body but also the mind. As heat waves become more intense, more frequent and longer, it has become increasingly important to address the impact on mental … Read more

Safe blood is essential for robust health systems

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Covid-19 has eroded years of progress on many development goals, so much so that the United Nations has called for an urgent rescue effort for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As policymakers try to accelerate post-Covid-19 recovery, improving the resilience of health systems should remain one of the priorities. This becomes more important as crisis … Read more

California Battles Fentanyl With a New Tactic: Treating Addiction in Prison

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In blistering 100-degree heat one recent afternoon at Valley State Prison in California’s Central Valley, inmates crowded around small windows in a prison yard to pick up their daily doses of buprenorphine, an opioid addiction medication. At one window, Quennie Uy, a nurse, scanned inmate identification cards, then retrieved strips of the medication, slipping them … Read more

For a Better Workout, Think Like a Kid

09KIDS EXERCISE1 tkjf facebookJumbo

Growing up, Kyle Luigs was a shy kid who loved sports. He finished his sophomore year pitching for the University of North Georgia in 2018 and needed somewhere to play during the summer, so he decided to try out for a team called the Savannah Bananas. The Bananas are a professional dancing baseball team that … Read more

Tips for Buying Travel Insurance

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In the wake of Covid, travel insurance sales have spiked with the rebound in travel as people seek to protect their investments against flight delays and cancellations, extreme weather events and the persistence of the virus. But travel insurance is complicated with a range of benefits, inclusions and prices. Here’s what you need to know … Read more

A Closer Look at Castor Oil

WELL CASTOR OIL1 facebookJumbo

According to the Food and Drug Administration, castor oil is approved for just one medicinal use: as a laxative. But scroll through social media and you’ll find various other health claims for the oil — which is pressed or extracted from castor beans. According to some, castor oil might ward off wrinkles, sharpen vision, induce … Read more

Vape-Related Exposures Among Children Are Increasing

8 NICOTINE POISONING KIDS1 hcpg facebookJumbo

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is reminding caregivers to store tobacco vaping cartridges safely to prevent children from being poisoned by the liquid inside, noting that e-cigarette exposures have increased sharply over the last year. A newsletter published last week by the F.D.A. included data from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report … Read more

Why Do I Get Constipated When I Travel?

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Q: My bathroom habits are pretty regular at home, but as soon as I leave for a trip, constipation hits. Why am I always backed up on vacation, and what can I do about it? Scientists don’t know exactly how many people experience difficulties with bowel movements on vacation, a phenomenon sometimes called traveler’s constipation. … Read more

Alcohol-Related Deaths Are Rising Among Women

well women alcohol deaths1 facebookJumbo

A new study shows that alcohol-related deaths among women are rising at a faster rate than those among men, particularly for people 65 and older. The study analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on over 600,000 deaths linked to alcohol between 1999 and 2020, including those from alcohol poisoning, alcoholic liver … Read more

5 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023

07WELLNESS TREND ROUNDUP1 lfqk facebookJumbo

The internet metabolizes wellness trends the way it churns through celebrity divorce announcements or song snippets on TikTok. Health hacks like slurping down olive oil or chugging bone broth burble up, break through, then slink into obscurity. All these frenetic fads make the concept of “wellness” squishy — wait, we’re drinking lettuce water? When did … Read more

Pianist Nicolas Hodges Adapts to Life With Parkinson’s

1691409306 13HODGES fqmp facebookJumbo

In the fall of 2018, the pianist Nicolas Hodges noticed his body shaking. He brought it up at a routine doctor’s appointment in Tübingen, Germany, where he lives. The doctor said it was probably stress, but recommended that he make an appointment with a neurologist. Hodges didn’t make that appointment right away. But then, in … Read more

Pianist Nicolas Hodges Adapts to Life With Parkinson’s

13HODGES fqmp facebookJumbo

In the fall of 2018, the pianist Nicolas Hodges noticed his body shaking. He brought it up at a routine doctor’s appointment in Tübingen, Germany, where he lives. The doctor said it was probably stress, but recommended that he make an appointment with a neurologist. Hodges didn’t make that appointment right away. But then, in … Read more

Cómo ejercitarte en el agua

05POOL EXERCISES1 zmfg facebookJumbo v2

Cuando Kelly Amerson López descubrió el ejercicio acuático, no fue parecido a lo que esperaba. Tenía más de 30 años y era una aficionada al ejercicio que había corrido medias maratones en el Central Park de Nueva York. Un día, en el gimnasio, se topó con un grupo de personas que utilizaban la piscina. Corrían … Read more

How Summer Camps Are Dealing With Mental Health

00CAMPSHRINK 01 promo facebookJumbo

Heather Klein was in her cabin at Camp Nah-Jee-Wah, nursing her first iced tea of the morning, when a photograph arrived on her phone and she drew a deep, sudden breath. Ms. Klein, the mental-health coordinator for a network of sleep-away camps, has a morning routine: responding to queries from anxious parents, who have looked … Read more

Ransomware Attack Disrupts Health Care in at Least Three States

05xp cyberattack fhzg facebookJumbo

A ransomware attack this week on a California-based health care system forced some of its locations to close and left others to rely on paper records. The system, Prospect Medical Holdings, which operates 16 hospitals and more than 165 clinics and outpatient centers in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Southern California, announced the cyberattack on … Read more

Still Dreaming of Retirement in the Sun Belt?

05SCI SPAN 01 qkmj facebookJumbo

In 2015, when Diana and Charles Cox were considering where to retire, they drove their R.V. across the Southwest to visit several possibilities: Santa Fe, Sedona, Phoenix, Las Vegas. They’d lived in San Jose, Calif., for nearly 20 years, but Ms. Cox was winding down her practice as a biotech patent attorney, and her income … Read more

For the First Time, There’s a Pill for Postpartum Depression

04Postpartum 01 lqbz facebookJumbo

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved the first pill for postpartum depression, a milestone considered likely to increase recognition and treatment of a debilitating condition that afflicts about a half-million women in the United States every year. Clinical trial data show the pill works quickly, beginning to ease depression in as little as … Read more

Three Shots for Fall: What You Need to Know

00vaccines advice facebookJumbo

Most Americans have had one or more shots of the flu and Covid vaccines. New this year are the first shots to protect older adults and infants from respiratory syncytial virus, a lesser-known threat whose toll in hospitalizations and deaths may rival that of flu. Federal health officials are hoping that widespread adoption of these … Read more

Tips for Dealing With Jet Lag

04Travel101 JetLag illo sub facebookJumbo

Harness the power of light Bright light helps keep our internal clock in sync with the outside world, traveling through specialized cells in the retina and signaling the part of the brain that sets the body’s master schedule. So, for longer trips, seek out or avoid bright light at specific times, said Dr. Olson. Starting … Read more

Ways to Cope With Summer Crankiness


On some summer days, I prefer to lurk, like a mushroom, in a dank corner of my house — and not just to escape the record heat. I don’t want to glance outside and be reminded that I should be barbecuing somewhere. I wouldn’t go as far as to count myself among the people in … Read more

Medical Group Backs Youth Gender Treatments, but Calls for Research Review

00aap facebookJumbo

The American Academy of Pediatrics backed gender-related treatments for children on Thursday, reaffirming its position from 2018 on a medical approach that has since been banned in 19 states. But the influential group of doctors also took an extra step of commissioning a systematic review of medical research on the treatments, following similar efforts in … Read more

The Joy of Intergenerational Friendship


Our society is “really good” at segregating groups by age, said Shannon Jarrott, a professor of social work at Ohio State University who studies intergenerational community building. There tend to be a few exceptions where these kinds of bonds happen more organically, she said, including mentoring and volunteer opportunities, religious settings and, especially, workplaces. But … Read more

Are Two-Day Hangovers Real? The Biology Behind the Misery

27TWODAY HANGOVER facebookJumbo

The margaritas you downed on Friday night leave you slumped in bed all Saturday. On Sunday, you wake up, and you’re still parched and jittery. Your head hasn’t stopped throbbing. Could you be in the throes of a two-day hangover? In order to metabolize alcohol, the body breaks it down into acetaldehyde, a chemical compound. … Read more

Leprosy May Be Endemic in Central Florida, Scientists Report

02leprosy facebookJumbo

Why It Matters: The disease can be treated if doctors recognize it. Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, is caused by slow-growing bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae. About 95 percent of people are genetically resistant to the bacteria. There were 159 new cases in 2020, the most recent year for which national data are available. New … Read more

This Ancient Whale May Have Been the Heaviest Animal Ever

02SCI WHALE 01 lmjb facebookJumbo

Paleontologists on Wednesday unveiled the fossilized bones of one of the strangest whales in history. The 39-million-year-old leviathan, called Perucetus, may have weighed about 200 tons, as much as a blue whale — by far the heaviest animal known, until now. While blue whales are sleek, fast-swimming divers, Perucetus was a very different beast. The … Read more

¿El estrés puede provocar la caída del cabello?

11ASKWELL STRESS HAIR LOSS1 qlcm facebookJumbo

P: Últimamente, he sentido mucho estrés en el trabajo y he notado que mi cabello se está volviendo más delgado y se acumula en la ducha. ¿Es cierto que el estrés puede provocar la caída del cabello? Las personas sanas pierden unos 50 a 100 hebras de cabello todos los días, según la Academia Estadounidense … Read more