Nord gas pipeline leak health hazard | May cause severe global warming

In this article we will discuss the helth hazards of nord stream gas pipeline. Both the nord stream 1 and nord stream 2 gas pipelines are showing gas leaks and large amount of gas is leaking into the atmosphere. Seismologists are telling that they recorded considerable seismic activities underground near the Nord stream 1 and nord stream 2 gas pipelines.

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Nord gas pipeline leak

A disturbance was registered which covers approx 1km diameter. The smallest one is around 200 metres. Companies in europe are not happy with this gas leaks as they fear of sabotage and they are openly talking about it. Some are even talking about the involvement of USA, Russia and Ukraine in this sabotage. So, who blew up the nord stream gas pipeline?
Denmark’s Prime minister Mette Frederikson is not happy with these situations and he said that the blasts are the result of deliberate actions. Whereas Poland’s Prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki called it an act of Sabotage. Russia has also hinted that the pipeline has fallen prey to sabotage.
The USA however, has a different take on this matter. Antony Blinken said that there are initial reports indicate that this may be a result of an attack or some kind of sabotage, but these are initial reports and we havent confirmed them yet.
Blinken added that if indeed it is a planned sabotage, it is clearly in no one’s interests. Former Polish defence minister posted a picture of the gas leak on twiter and wrote Thank you USA.

Will we ever find out who did the explosions as clearly we can see that whoever did the explosions clearly wants Europe to be cut off cheap Russian gas. In the meantime Russia has switched off the gas supply and burnt a large amount of gas.

Health implications of Nord stream gas leakage | Large climate risk

We know that high levels of methane in the atmosphere is very dangerous for humas as it can reduce the amount of oxygen you can breathe from the air. If the oxygen levels drop then it directly effects hurans. It will result in mood changes, memory loss, nausea, vomiting, facial flushing, headache and sometimes even vision problems. Sometimes it has been seen that it can cause change in breathing and heart rate numbness and unconsciousness. If you are in a confined room for even a minute where methane is there it will not take more than 1 minute for you to fall unconscious. Thank god that there is a open area around the gas leak but still there can be health complications and one thing which we can safely see is that it is a climate disaster and it is one of the largest leak in the history of humans.
We will have to wait and see of the health complications that will accompany with these blasts and gas leaks.