Monkey Pox is the new danger after Corona virus?

Covid cases are finally decreasing worldwide and we were taking a sigh of relief when a new disease has entered our life by the name of monkey pox. This disease has been found to Spread in european countries and it is named as monkey pox. There have been 50 confirmed Cases of monkey pox in the last three weeks in Britain Canada Portugal Spain and America together. American health Department has released a statement that a man who has been tested positive for monkey pox who is residing in Massachusetts has returned from Canada recently.

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The only relief from this information is that people who are getting infected from monkey pox I am getting back to their normal selves within a few weeks. There have been very less cases of serious infection. Still, it is a concern for all of us to find cases of monkey pox in five countries within a month. in this context, the world health organisation has released guidelines for monkey pox stating that Health officials who are looking after confirmed or confirmed cases of monkey pox viruses should follow all the guidelines for keeping the spread of infection in check.

Monkeypox is the new danger after Corona virus?
Monkeypox virus test results

Now let us understand what is monkey pox how does it spread and what are the symptoms of monkey pox and the do’s and don’ts to keep your family safe from monkey pox.

What is monkey box?

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Elbow with visible skin eruption due to monkey pox.

Monkey pox is a very rare and light infection which is generally found in Animals in parts of Africa. monkey box virus was first found in 1958 in some monkeys who were kept for research and analysis therefore according to the centre of disease control of America it was named as monkey pox. The very first case of human who got infected with this virus came out in 1970.

it is believed that monkey pox spread originally from Africa. There have been many cases of monkey folks from 2003 to 2018 in America, Britain, Nigeria, Singapore and Israel.

How does monkey pox spread?

In most cases monkey box starts from the blood of animals, sweat from the body or if the person comes in direct contact with the toilet and poop of the infected animal. It has been found that mouse and squirrels are also infected from monkey pox. If you are a Carnivore Take extra precaution while eating uncooked meat as often it has been found that it spreads by eating uncooked meat.

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Also, there have been very few cases where it has been observed that monkeypox spreads from humans to humans. However, if you come in contact with a person who is infected there are chances that you can catch the infection, so itbis better to take all precautions when meeting an infected person.

What are the symptoms of monkey pox?

If you get infected with monkey pox, the first symptoms appear after atleast 5 days and it can extend upto 21 days. Some of the main symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, back ache, swelling, shivering, and overall weakness and lethargy. After about 5 days of these symptoms you will start seeing skin rash or lesions. These skin rashes or lesions look like chicken pox.

In the first and second week of the infection these rashes and lesions appear allover your hands, legs and slowly allover your whole body. In most cases these rashes and lesions are not very serious in nature and these cases these rashes and lesions will slowly wither of.

Who face the danger of catching monkey pox infection?

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At the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

According to the latest report submitted by American health ministry it is mentioned that this
infection is not very serious and infectious, however every 10th person who is infected by monkey pox can die because of it. People who are living in the close vicinity of jungles or people who eat half cooked meat are at the greater risk of getting infection and dying because of the infection.

Childrens are at a greater risk of getting infected by monkey pox. There have been no cases of infections found in India till now, which saw a great deal of Corona infections. However like all countries India’s health ministry has advised to take extra precaution of the disease.

How to treat monkeypox?

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The best way to treat monkey pox is to prevent the infection in the first place. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) there is no treatment for monkey pox till now. And no medicines are available to treat monkey pox anywhere in the world.

However, it has been found that the vaccine and medicines used to treat small pox are 80-85% effective in treating monkey pox. But since small pox was mostly eradicated from the world there is not enough supply of the medicines used to treat it. However there is no reason to panic as it is a mild infection and it tends to wear off itself within a week or two. Just take all the precautions and be safe and healthy.

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