How to lose weight naturally after you cross 40 years of age | start these 5 habits to lose your weight naturally and keep it under control

How to lose weight naturally after you cross 40 years of age | start these 5 habits to keep your loose weight and keep it under control
Lose weight naturally

With the increase in your age, it is natural to gain weight. Health specialist tells us that slowly and sturdy as you gain years in your life you’re bound to gain weight as your metabolism slows down. And this slow down in metabolism causes weight gain in this age group. Keep on reading to know the tricks on how to lose weight naturally.

Of course, there are many other reasons for weight gain such as slow metabolism, less frequent movement and if you are suffering from any disease, also consuming fast food instead of healthy food is a major factor in weight gain. This brings us back to the question that how to boost metabolism?

You may be wondering how you can control your weight as you age! You might be knowing that to keep your body healthy and your weight in check you should follow the correct diet and you should exercise daily. In addition to that, you have to somehow increase your metabolism to a level that your body itself helps you in reducing the extra weight. In this article, you will come to know the exact mechanism to keep your weight in check and boost your metabolism.

Keep on reading this article to understand 5 easy tips that you can follow and those tips will certainly help you attend your goal and you will lose weight naturally.


Which foods can boost metabolism and help you lose weight naturally?

To boost your metabolism you can include green tea and replace coffee with this magical tea. In research, it has been found that drinking 2 cups of green tea daily will help you reduce your weight and will also help you control your systolic blood pressure and bring the blood pressure down.

In addition to green tea you can also include fish and black pepper in your daily diet these two ingredients will help you melt the excess fat around your belly. Fish contains Omega 3 fatty acid which helps reduce hunger, black pepper capsicum, and other chilies such as have narrowed and jalapeno contains capsaicin which helps increase the heat in your body and which in return helps in burning the extra calorie required to lose weight.

Drink enough water to lose weight naturally

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water to lose weight naturally

A lot of us do not know that water is the best drink that can help increase your metabolism and it helps boost metabolism but it is true. Also drinking water half an hour before eating your food will make you eat less as it helps satiate your hunger. In research, it has been proved that drinking half a liter of water half an hour before lunch can increase your metabolism up to 25% this boost in metabolism help you burn calories with ease.

Stick to your routine

Lack of proper sleep is a cause for the increase in weight in a lot of people if you are also one who is not taking properly or whose sleep pattern is affected in any way you should consider making a routine to sleep at a fixed time daily. This small change can help you boost your metabolism.

If you are not taking a good sleep the night your body gets a signal that you are awake or something important which will cause it to feel hunger as the body thinks that it requires extra energy. This is a major reason why people snack at night if they are awake till late. This is a very unhealthy practice and it will cause weight gain. Make sure if this is the case with you you do not skip your breakfast as breakfast is the most essential food in your day eating a healthy protein-rich breakfast helps you boost your metabolism and help you keep active the whole day.

Also ensure that you include food that is rich in vitamins, fibers, and protein. You can include nuts fruits oats and an omelet in your breakfast.

Remain active and exercise to lose weight naturally

A lot of people who suffered from weight gain and slow metabolism are the ones who are not at all active and don’t exercise. People who don’t exercise and who don’t move are following a very unhealthy lifestyle which is the cause of many diseases.

Sach’s type of lifestyle is a magnet for weight gain. If you are also suffering from weight gain you might have to introspect whether you are in action for a longer period of time or you are in a job that requires you to be seated for a very long period of time if so it is all the more important for you to exercise daily.

You have to and you must take out some time daily in the morning or evening to exercise and also make sure that you don’t go to sleep directly after eating the night. If you are unable to lose weight make sure you walk 10000 steps per day. 

Consult your doctor

If you are gaining weight it may be an indicator of health issues such as thyroid malfunction and adrenal gland disorder. Thyroid gland disorder closes down the metabolism of your body so if you want to maintain your metabolism and boost it you have to make sure your thyroid gland functions correctly. Just make it a habit to get your thyroid levels checked by your endocrinologist or your family doctor. 

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