If your baby is suffering from nappy rashes then try these 5 powerful home remedy told by my mother

If your baby is suffering from nappy rashes then try this home remedy told by my mother
Nappy Rashes on your baby’s skin makes them irritated

Toddlers often face one issue that can keep them awake the whole night. It is very painful and it is very uncomfortable and it can keep your baby awake the whole night which will make them feel irritated and they might also decline the feed given to them which can be a very big issue for you and your baby therefore this is one condition which should be looked upon immediately.

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If you are a first time mom you will agree that being a mom is a very different experience Altogether you have to be sure of so many things you have to be attended the whole time and and today good care of it you have to be very careful but all these situations require experience.

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Use clean diapers and keep the skin dry

When it comes to sensitive information such as this is sometimes Google also does not have accurate solutions for the situations you are in. To keep proper care of a toddler is a very challenging task because leaving with the toddler bring you different circumstances and different challenges every now and then. You might think that now I am a experience challenging task related to your daughter and you will be helpless it before.

But do not worry as there are certain solutions to your challenging situations to which even Google does not have any answer but our mom and grandmoms certainly have solutions for each and every challenge and issue that you are experiencing in raising your toddler.

This situation that you are facing today have been faced by our mothers and grandmothers before when even Google was not there and I must admit they have done their work beautifully as we are all healthy and grown up Thanks to all mothers and grandmothers.

One such very common issue that your baby faces is nappy rash which will not  only make you toddler stay awake but with also make sure that you don’t sleep well too.

And if you are not able to sleep properly it is poet event that your baby will also not be ability properly so this is an issue which needs to the addressed immediately and if your baby is facing with nappy rash and you are worried about it then keep on reading about the famous home remedies that are very effective in treating nappy Rashes.

Your baby, this season and nappy rashes

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Your baby, this season and nappy rashes

Chances of infection in skin is most in between 4 to 15 months of a toddler therefore toddlers who are in this age range are at the most danger of getting infected by rashes specially if the wear diapers.

I will not disagree that if toddlers are wearing diapers it will give some level of comfort to the mother but keep in mind that these diapers are responsible for your toddler facing issues on the skin such as rashes, redness and itching.

Not only diapers are responsible for these issues but if your baby is wearing wet nappies for a long time then also they are bound to face such issues, you have to be very careful when dealing with nappies and diapers with your toddlers.

How does nappy rash occur?

Diapers are created to absorb the liquids but in manufacturing diapers a lot of chemicals are used and also along with chemicals plastic is used so as to minimise the feeling of wetness as plastic does not let you feel wetness.

But the same property of the diapers which are manufactured to keep your baby safe and dry this Rifles do not allow here to pass through them which become the cost for infections to develop on the skin area.

The rashes which generally occur due to the diapers are generally red in colour and very small. But these are beginner to make your toddler which make them is very uncomfortable.

Common causes for diaper rashes

  1. Undue rubbing of diaper on your toddlers skin.
  2. If you toddler wears a wet or dirty diaper for a long period.
  3. Bacterial infection
  4. Sometimes use of soap scented diapers or wipes used for cleaning your toddlers skin generates these issues. 

Here you will find effective home remedies to cure your babies nappy rashes

You will find that whenever your toddler is facing nappy rashes they tend to get irritated from it and are not smiling and laughing the way they are supposed to be and you are not sure why they are being so irritated, make sure to check for any nappy rashes that might be making them irritated.

If you find that your kid is indeed facing with rashes you would follow my mothers home remedies to treat it immediately, these processes are extremely easy to do and mind you they are extremely effective in treating your kids nappy rashes.

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is natures gift to humans. It can be used in so many was and it has countless benefits to start with. But according to my mother coconut oil has been used to treat rashes of young kids from old times.

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Coconut oil

Coconut oil is rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil is very useful and effective remedy for toddlers who are facing nappy rashes.

How to use coconut oil to treat nappy rashes?

Wash the bumps of your baby with a little warm water and then pat it dry with a clean towel or cloth. After cleaning use of a school of coconut oil and applied gently on the area affected repeat the process 2 to 3 times a day and you will see the results very quickly.


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Cornstarch is an excellent product to stop dampness cornstarch is a very helpful product when it comes to prevent nappy rashes whenever your toddler is facing happy rashes due to the diapers. You should definitely use cornstarch to prevent it as it is a very effective way to treat rashes.

How to use cornstarch to treat nappy rashes?

Whenever you are changing diapers of your toddler make sure to clean their bums properly and keep them dry, after that apply a little bit of cornstarch on the area affected with nappy rashes and just let it sit there for a few minutes in the open and then use a new clean diaper. By using corn starch you will find that within a few days all the nappy rashes will be gone and since it is a natural product your baby will be safe from all the harmful chemical products in the market.


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Oatmeal is an effective way to treat rashes

Oatmeal is a very healthy and fulfilling food but who would have thought that it can be used to treat nappy rashes on your toddlers bum. Nappy rashes can be very irritating and oatmeals can come to your rescue in treating nappy rashes.

How to use Oatmeal to treat your toddler’s nappy tastes?

Take some oatmeal and grind it into fine flour and mix it with water and and clean your babies bums with this water 2-3 times a day and you will find a lot of change within 2 to 3 days.

Aloe vera gel 

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Aloe vera gel is an effective

Aloe Vera Gel is an excellent product for various skin issues it has been used since time last many decades to treat skin issues and in various beauty products. Aloe Vera Gel is also used for treating nappy rashes. Aloe Vera Gel contains antifungal properties and it is very helpful in giving relief from itching skin. Just apply a little aloe vera gel on the area where your baby is facing nappy rashes and within two to three days it will be treated.


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Curd is a magical food for humans

Use curd just as you would use any other skin cream. Cardigan excellent anti inflammat and it health and relieving irritation caused due to nappy rashes. 

How to use curd to treat nappy rashes?

Just apply a thick layer of curd on your baby bum where they are facing with rashes and within 2 to 3 days it will be treated, just make sure that the curd you use this and flavoured and there And there is is nothing added in the curd you are using to apply on your babies bum.

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