How to treat dry eye syndrome in kids? | What causes dry eye syndrome and how to prevent it?

Dry eyes in kids can indicate health issues which should be looked into immediately. If your kid is also facing with dry eyes you should not waste a moment and immediately seek advise from a doctor because if your kid’s eyes are getting dry again and again then it should be looked into by an specialist immediately without wasting any time.

However many a times this issue of dry eyes can be due to some allergy or a bruise on their eye which can cause swelling and redness of eyes. You can do some home remedies which can relax their eyes. Always make sure that you take proper attention and care of your kids eyes so that they don’t get dry or they don’t get watery. Do not let them used mobile phones and other digital screens for too long. Also make sure that you give them healthy food and foods rich in vitamin A so as to keep their eyes healthy.

Keep on reading to understand why kids face dry eyes and what are the symptoms of dry eyes and how to treat it.

Why do kids have dry eyes

There can be many reasons for kids were facing with dry eyes. Sometimes while playing your kid might hurt his or her eye which can lead to dry eyes. Maybe sometimes you kid has an allergy or auto immune diseases which can also cause dry eyes in the kid. However many other reasons are listed below kindly go through them one by one and understand each one of them to diagnose what your kid is going through.

Meibomian gland

This is a small gland situated in the eyelids which are responsible for the production of oil. This oil mixes with tears and provide moisture in the eye. It is very important for your eyed to have a tear film so as to keep it moisturized. If this gland is not working properly then sufficient production of oil does not takes place or maybe the oil produced is not of good quality then it might lead to dryness in your kids eyes.

Common allergy

They might be many common causes for allergy in kids I such as fallen from flowers or dandruff from your pets. This common allergies causes redness in your kids eyes, swelling, inflammation, itching in the eyes of your kids.


Blepharitis is one of the most common I condition faced by kids. It is characterized by inflammation scaling running and crusting of the eyelid. This condition may also cause swelling itching or burning in the eye. Blepharitis is not a site threatening disease but it might lead to permanent alterations of the eyelid margin. It is cost mainly by bacteria and information due to congested Meibomian oil gland.

Symptoms of blephritis are generally was in the morning. Some other symptoms include watery IAS red eyes swollen eyelids eyelid itching light sensitivity eyelash loss.


Sometimes it has been seeing that if the mother is taking contraceptive pills or other medicines which are not safe then the kids might face this issue. This issue can be caused due to hormonal changes which leads to dryness in the kids eyes.

Symptoms of dry eyes in kids

  • If you kid is feeling warm eyes and dry eyes with itching
  • If your kid is having watery eyes
  • Redness in your kid’s eyes
  • If you’re kid is feeling and complaining about itching in their eyes
  • If your kid is complaining of blurry vision

Home remedies to treat dry eyes

  • If you kid is studying online and using screen for a long period of time or watching TV tell him or her to take a break and look 20 m away after every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. This is this easiest way to relax your kids eyes.
  • Ask your kid to play outdoors instead of playing on mobiles or watching tv, so as to increase their movements.
  • You can use a indoor humidifier to increase humidity inside your home.
  • If your kid is facing dry eyes very often then turn off the ceiling fan or slow it down. This will help keep their eyes moisturized.
  • You can increase the oil production of your kids eye gland by keeping a cotton cloth dipped in warm water on the eyes.
  • Try to keep the temperature of the place where you live under control, keep it cool. High temperature aggravates the problem.
  • Increase the vitamins intake of your kid. Give them healthy food items which are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Do not use any medicine without the prescription of doctor.

When to visit a doctor?

If your kids are facing the problem of dryness, itching, and redness in their eyes, you should consider visiting a doctor immediately.

If you observe any of the following problems in your kids eyes, get the eyes checked with your doctor:

  • Infection in eyes
  • Deposit of pus in your kids eyes
  • Redness and swelling near the eyes
  • Fever
  • If your kid is complaining about blurry vision or they are unable to see clearly.