How to lose weight by using black pepper | black pepper to lose weight

If you want to lose weight or control your weight in 10 lakh paper can be just really affective in doing so. Learn how to use black pepper to lose weight.

Black pepper is a spice that is very small in size but is full of nutrients. It is not only used to treat cough cold and other cough and cold related illness, but it is also used to increase your body immunity and in the long term if you use black paper and include it in your diet you will find that it also help in maintaining your weight.

This spice is full of healthy fats vitamins minerals and dietary fibre. According to senior dietitian Anuja Gaur black pepper contains very few calories in addition to this black pepper contains an active ingredient which is known as piperine. Black pepper not only helps in boosting metabolism but also helps decrease the manufacturing of fat cells in your body.

If you are looking for being super healthy and you want to lose weight and keep it under control then you have to include black pepper in your daily meals.

Now lets talk about how you can include black pepper in your daily meals.

Black pepper Tea

One of the best and easiest ways to consume black pepper is to prepare a black pepper tea. To prepare this tea you will only require Ginger, honey, Tulsi, lemon, green tea bags and cinnamon. Mix all these ingredients in a little warm water and then mix one spoon black pepper powder and take it before breakfast. Repeat this for at least one month to see noticeable results. Stop the use if you find any irritation in your stomach after taking this drink.

Black pepper drink

You can use black pepper in any vegetable or fruit drink and it will also enhance the flavour of the drink. The smell and taste of the drink will be enhanced if you add black pepper because it will make your drink a little spicy. If you use black pepper and include it in your daily meals it will definitely help you lose weight and also you will see noticeable changes on your skin.

This drink is very beneficial for your skin and it will add shine and glow to your skin and will also help you in improving your digestion, and if you are facing any problem in digestion it is bound to go away if you drink it regularly.

Black pepper oil

Just look in your local market and you will be able to find 100% pure black pepper oil. You can mix this oil in warm water and take it before breakfast. It is very potent and pure. You can even use this oil to apply on your face if you are facing any skin issues such as pimples. Just try it first on your hand to check if it suits you.

Add a little black pepper directly in your meals

You can also add black pepper in your daily meals, just take 2 to 3 black pepper balls  and eat it in the morning before breakfast. If you are okay with the spicy and hotness of this black pepper then only use it in this way. You can check it by first eating one ball of black pepper along with the little honey and chew it.

If you find this okay then you can increase the amount along with honey. You can even make smoothies by just adding black pepper in the smoothy mixture. You must try black pepper and Kale smoothy, Mexican pepper chicken salad, black pepper tea and fruit juice.

When can you consume black pepper to lose weight?

Black pepper tea and black pepper oil should be consumed before breakfast. If you want to consume black pepper balls then you should take it after you have taken your detox drink but just before breakfast. You can also take one glass of fruit juice along with black pepper, this can be done in the afternoon and even in the evening.

How much black pepper should we take in a day?

If you are consuming black pepper to lose weight you should take not more than 3 black pepper balls in a day. If you are not familiar with the taste of black pepper you should start with the little amount along with honey and slowly and gradually you can increase it.

If you use black pepper in large quantities you can face gastro intestinal issues therefore you should start slow and with less quantity. Since black pepper is a spice you may get a little irritation and burning sensation if you touch your eyes or skin after holding black pepper powder or seeds. Therefore you must wash your hand properly after touching black pepper. 

Also if you are pregnant you should avoid the consumption of black pepper and also make sure even if you are not pregnant and are a normal person you should not exceed the daily maximum consumption limit of black pepper otherwise you might see some digestive issues. Before you want to increase or decrease the consumption of any item you should take advice from your doctor.

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