How to increase your brain capacity | Increase your memory and focus in 4 easy steps

brain capacity
ncrease your brain capacity

This article is full of knowledge for young students who often say that they are unable to remember what they studied and if you follow this ayurvedic routine I can guarantee you you will increase your brain capacity and focus and your brain capacity will be at its peak.

Your brain is the smartest organ in your body. But have you experienced this before? While studying for your exam you often tend to forget the paragraph which you just read what do you face the issue that whenever you study your focus is, again and again, lost you tend to see e minuscule things which are not worth your time am maybe you will like to check out your messages check out the social media even when you know no that it is very important that you study at that very moment. Do you struggle with focusing on your studies if so then keep on reading? Are you someone who often forgets the name of people and find yourself in enough awkward situation? It can be e a b embarrassing sometimes because you never forget the name of a person who is very close to you. Sometimes you might even forget things after keeping them. 

To overcome this situation I will tell you simple yet very effective steps which are proven methods mentioned in old ayurvedic scriptures. 

These methods which I am going to share all very easy to follow also this method does not have any side effects and it will yield fast results.

What causes weak memory?

According to Ayurveda the root cause for weak memory and your inability to concentrate is the dryness of your brain. If your bike is running low on engine oil its performance will degrade considerably but if you from time to time get your bike serviced and ample amount of engine oil it will work totally fine similarly it is with our brain. You might be wondering what I am talking about but trust me if you somehow lubricate your brain nodes your brain will work at a much faster speed and with great efficiency. In Ayurveda, there are very simple techniques that are sure shot ways to enhance your brain capacity and increase your memory and increase your concentration which will lead you to focus easily and effectively.

If you have got some doubts regarding the application of this method trust me I have practiced before preaching it and the best part is you will see the results within a few days. If you are a student who wants to excel in your studies or if you are an office-going executive who wants to reach greater heights in your career, keep reading this article till the end and share it with your friends and family for their benefit.

What to eat to boost memory?

Once you wake up in the morning drink water and then freshen up after that eat one Teaspoon of Brahma Rasayana.

What is Brahma rasayan?

In charak Samhita which was written by maharishi charak, the Rishi tells us the benefits of Brahma Rasayana. He explains that Brahma Rasayana is the number one medicine to increase memory and concentration power, it is made up of more than 50 powerful herbs and Brahma Rasayana directly affects positively on our brain nerves. Brahma Rasayana can be prepared at home but it requires some form of expertise to prepare the formula. You can buy the Brahma Rasayana from any ayurvedic Shop nearby your house or for your convenience I will give the link to the product at the bottom of the article. 

Brahma Rasayana benefits

In some way, Brahma Rasayana is similar to chavanprash just like chyawanprash boost physical health Brahma Rasayana boosts your mental health and it is a tonic for your brain which increases the brain capacity. And also does not have any side effect as the meaning of the word Rasayana itself means that it has no side effect. It can be eaten by anyone in any age group without any side effects also it is very tasty. Just make sure you don’t eat more than one spoon at a time also so it slowly so as to get proper benefit from it. Also, make sure that you don’t eat anything after eating Brahm Rasayana still 30 minutes ensuring this point will give excellent results.

What are the benefits of Saraswatarishta?

After eating Brahma Rasayana take a break of 30 minutes and have your breakfast prepared at home. After about 40 to 45 minutes of having your breakfast, you have to drink Saraswatarishta. It is a brain tonic and it is very easy to drink. Just mix 3 spoons of the tonic with three teaspoons of water and drink it slowly sip by sip. The ingredients and recipe of Saraswatarishta are mentioned in the ayurvedic book bhaisajya ratnavali. This tonic consists of more than 20 brain-boosting herbs which are carefully picked to enhance your brain capacity. While drinking you have to ensure that you don’t use a plastic container to drink the tonic. It would be best if you use a glass container to drink the tonic. The main ingredient of this tonic is Brahmi.

What is Brahmi?

Brahmi which is also known as “Gotu kola” is a very effective herb for all brain problems. In many modern scientific research, researchers have found that Brahmi enhances long and short-term memory. It has shown some good responses in Alzheimer’s disease. Brahmi has been proven to increase the presence of the mind and its tendency is cold in nature. No need to apply toxic hair oils on your head and here because if you apply Brahmi oil on your hairs and scalp it will give a cooling sensation to your head and will also enhance your brainpower.

Does meditation improve memory?

Your genetics play a huge role in your skin tone and height and your overall body structure also it has a role in your brain structure but brainpower can be increased by following the simple ritual genetics does not affect too much your brain capacity. One small ritual which I have to practice every day for 10 to 15 minutes can actually enhance your memory and increase your brain capacity. You can train your brain in the right direction and that too very quickly it will show results in a few days. 

Start meditating first thing in the morning. You can start with meditating for 5 minutes and gradually increase it to as long as you want and it will show its effect in your life. You can play brain games solve puzzles quizzes. You can exercise your brain anti condition your brain from when you were a small kid your brain has been conditioned by your parents your surroundings and your loved ones. It might not be the best conditioning you have received so identify and condition your mind in the correct way. The brain is one such organ and if it is not used it tends to get rotten. If you use it heavily it will sharpen your brain just like you exercise your muscles you have to exercise your brain to keep it young energetic. Declutter your surroundings it has a great effect on your brain. Make sure to smile and laugh as much as you can as it releases feel-good hormones which in turn increase the life of the brain and makes it more powerful. Practice no-fap and make sure to improve your sleep pattern. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are grown locally. Exercise daily e so that blood flow to the brain is increased.

Brahmi ghrit

The third step to increase your brain power is very simple and it consists of one simple ingredient which is Brahmi ghrit. Before going to sleep take one teaspoon of Brahmi ghrit and mix it with one glass of warm milk and drink it sip by sip. According to Ayurveda the combination of milk and ghee is considered very satvik. 

Ayurveda tells us that the combination of ghee and milk is very good for our body and it is even more effective when taken at night. On top of that if you use medicated ghee in place of normal ghee it will show so the results very quickly. Brahmi ghrit is one such medicated ghee and it consists of Brahmi swaras, shankhpushpi, kushta, vacha ghritha. Taking the combination of milk and ghee lubricates your brain nerves which helps you to memorize easily and also increases your concentration and focus. Your ability to learn is increased considerably. 

Brahmi ghrit has a neutral taste so it won’t affect your taste buds. You can add desi khaand or mishri powder to make it sweet but don’t use refined sugar or honey.

Jyotishmati oil

The final step in increasing your brain power and memory has to be done just before sleeping in the night. You have to use jyotishmati oil just before going to sleep. According to Ayurveda Brahmi and malkangani which is also known as Jyotish Mati are two very effective herbs how to increase your brain capacity and memory. Jyotishmati is a combination of two Hindi words which means increasing the capacity of your brain.

Jyotishmati oil is prepared by cold pressing the seeds of malkangani plant. Then it is used 23 is the capability of your brain and memory. 

How to use jyotishmati oil?

To use this oil take 1 to 2 drops in a dropper and pour 2 drops in each nostril. It will cause some sensation in your nose but you don’t have to worry about that it will subside in a few minutes while putting the oil in your nostril you have to lie down for a while and when the sensations of sides in your nose you can get up. It is very effective to enhance your brain capacity and memory. It also improves your sleep and helps in deep sleep you cannot miss this step. 

Dear readers this was a very simple yet effective way to enhance your brain capacity and memory. You have to make sure to follow all the four steps as it is described in the article. I promise you if you follow all the steps mentioned as it is it will help nourish your brain increase your memory and will help you focus better in your day-to-day life.


There are 4 simple steps to enhance your brain power and memory which are as follows

  1. Take one teaspoon of ""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener nofollow”>Brahma rasayan 30 minutes before breakfast
  2. Take 3 tsp of ""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener nofollow”>Saraswatarishta and mix it in 3 tsp of water and take it 40 minutes after breakfast.
  3. Take one teaspoon of ""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener nofollow”>Brahmi grit in lukewarm milk 1 hour before going to sleep at night
  4. You have to put two drops of ""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener nofollow”>jyotishmati oil in each of your nostril just before sleeping.

If you follow the four steps mentioned for one month you’ll find that your brain power has increased your ability to concentrate has increased and your ability to focus is better than before. Will be able to you remember things easily.

The medicines mentioned in this article are safe to take and don’t have any side effects as these are ayurvedic medicines and their ingredients are natural. 

They don’t have any side effects and it is totally safe for people of all ages. Just make sure that the dosage for children under 10 years will be half of what is mentioned above. Women who are pregnant may consult before consuming. I will recommend that you follow this ritual for three months and then take a gap of 1 month and then again do it for three months if you feel your brain capacity and memory needs to be increased more. 

You can buy all the ingredients from the local ayurvedic Shop or simply for your ease I have mentioned all the ingredients and medicines in the summary section and you can buy them online from Amazon.