How to effectively use turmeric | 8 Surprising help benefits of turmeric (for skin hair and more)

How to effectively use turmeric?
Turmeric powder and roots

How to effectively use turmeric? Turmeric is being used in India and various other eastern countries for the last thousand years. There are references to turmeric in ancient ayurvedic medicine Siddha medicine and also traditional Chinese medicine Unani medicine. Now even the western countries are acknowledging the health benefits of turmeric so much that the US has applied for a turmeric patent after understanding the medicinal uses of turmeric. The US has applied for a patent on the tremendous health benefits turmeric has to offer. And US patent number 5401 504 on turmeric was awarded to the University of Mississippi medical center in May 1995 specifically for the use of turmeric in wound healing.

The Indian scientists were against this patent as they have been using turmeric for more than 1000 years so later this patent was revoked. 

If you also think that turmeric is only used for giving color to your dishes or it is to be used to cook vegetables or it is used in Indian cuisine, then you are for a big surprise. Read this whole article to understand the versatile uses of turmeric and the many health benefits it offers. Also, I hope after reading this article you will be using turmeric not only to color the dishes but also to read the benefits turmeric has to offer.

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After you have gone through the whole article you will be surprised how many health benefits turmeric has to offer also you will learn the practical uses of turmeric to treat many ailments related to skin hair teeth and throat. You will also learn how turmeric is used in Ayurveda to help fight serious illnesses such as heart diseases liver diseases pain in joints and brain issues.

When turmeric is used in a proper way according to ancient ayurvedic sculptures the benefits it has to offer are numerous. There have been many modern pieces of research (more than 6000) that point toward the plethora of benefits turmeric offers. Your mind will be blown then you will get to know the benefits turmeric has to offer.

Benefits of turmeric

India has become the largest producer of turmeric also it is the largest exporter in our globe. It is a bit disheartening to know that our model lifestyle does not have a place for turmeric the super herb. Turmeric is being used by most to give color to vegetables and various other dishes while cooking which is the same as using water to take a bath and not drink it.

Believe me, if you start using turmeric the way it should be used you can get rid of costly cosmetic products which are full of chemical ingredients and you can save money on unnecessary medicines.

Why is turmeric known as the Queen of spices? What makes turmeric the most versatile spice?

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Turmeric plantation

You will come to know the answer to both the above questions if you read the article till the end and it will surely blow your mind. You will wonder why didn’t you know this earlier turmeric has so many benefits to your health than it is logical to spread this knowledge to each and everyone living on our planet so that they might also read the benefits of this magic spice given by our nature.

How to effectively use turmeric for skin

For as long as you can remember turmeric has been an indispensable part of Indian marriages it is believed that turmeric purifies the body and it has been an integral part of Indian wedding rituals forever. Turmeric is a sign of healthy married life in India and it also gives glowing and radiant skin.

Turmeric is a part of Indian wedding rituals

You can ditch all the expensive cosmetic products that are floating in your markets which are full of chemical ingredients and use a turmeric face pack or body back once to realize the benefits it has to offer.

To make this mask or bodypack you have to simply follow the below steps

  1. Take a tablespoon of gram flour
  2. Two tablespoons of curd
  3. Half a tablespoon of turmeric and
  4. Half a tablespoon of honey

Mix the above ingredients properly to form a thick based and applied all over your face leaving the areas with hairs and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Once it rises you can wash it off with normal water.

This same paste can be applied to your whole body on your hand legs neck and torso.

The antioxidant properties and the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric purify your skin from the inner layers which help you get a glowing effect after only one use. Using turmeric in this mask will give your skin a natural glow and your skin will bloom. You can use the same mask on your pimples if you are facing the same.

Do you know that turmeric is naturally rich in glutathione?

Bluetooth ion is an effective antioxidant that naturally promotes fairness. Glutathione naturally reduces the level of melanin present in your skin which increases the fairness of your skin. So it is time to replace your chemically enriched cosmetic products with turmeric and read the benefits that nature originally intended.

How to effectively use turmeric for hairs

How to effectively use turmeric for hairs
Turmeric hair mask

Are you facing hair loss? Are you are upset with hair breakage and dandruff? If yes turmeric can come to your rescue. Turmeric is rich in curcumin. Curcumin is a mineral that strengthens hair follicles and also improves the blood circulation in your scalp.

You have to prepare a hair mask by following the below steps

  1. Half a teaspoon of turmeric
  2. Two tablespoons of coconut oil

Mix these two ingredients after warming a bit and then massage it on your head for 5 to 10 minutes and then let it rest for at least 20 minutes. Watch it off with the natural cleanser by gently massaging your scalp. Do this process once a week and you will notice the difference within a month. You will find that the problem of hair loss and hair breakage will drastically improve and you will also be proud of her shiny silky and strong hair.

Once you realize the benefits turmeric has to offer for your hair it will be time to ditch those expensive hair masks you have been buying from the shops to get healthy and lustrous hair but instead harming your hair more than earlier.

How to effectively use turmeric for teeth and gums

How to effectively use turmeric for teeth and gums
Use turmeric for teeth and gums

Just take a look at your toothpaste ingredient s you will be amazed to find sulfate in each and every one of them now go and check what and how sulfate is used for. You will be afraid to use it again to clean your teeth. But you might wonder if you will not use toothpaste then what else how you will be able to show your shiny teeth in social gatherings and get rid of bad breath without using chemically enriched toothpaste. 

Don’t worry as turmeric will help you get out of things situations. I personally use turmeric for healthy teeth and comes and it never ceases to amaze me each and every time.

Take the below ingredients in a small bowl

  1. A pinch of turmeric
  2. A pinch of rock salt
  3. One teaspoon of mustard oil
Turmeric powder

Make a smooth paste of these three ingredients, not dip your brush and this paste and brush your teeth like you normally do. After brushing your teeth you can take the remaining paste at the tip of your finger and massage it slowly on your gums. Massaging your gums with this paste will make them strong you have to repeat this process thrice a week and you will notice the benefits turmeric has to offer for your teeth and gums. If you are unable to do this thrice a week you should at least practice this every Sunday to repeat the benefits.

Do you have bad breath if yes then try this?

How to effectively use turmeric for wounds

I remember when I was a young kid and I used to play with my mother in the kitchen while she was working and making tasty meals for me and my family. Sometimes while cutting vegetables or fruits she would hurt herself. Whenever she got a minor cut on her hand or fingers, she would immediately take out the spice box and take a pinch of turmeric, and applied on the wound site. This film almost instantly stop the blood flow and I was relieved each and every time this happened.

Nature has made turmeric to be a natural antiseptic anti-virus and antibacterial. Indian women have known this since time immemorial and have been using it and their kitchen forever. 

Next time whenever you get burned by lifting a hot pot in the kitchen accidentally or if you get a minor cut in the kitchen while tending to your vegetables and fruits, just use the pinch of turmeric mixed with a little water enough to make it a thick paste and apply it on your cut or burn instead of running to buy an expensive cream to treat these minor burns or cuts.

And do not worry as this turmeric paste will show its effect instantly.

How to effectively use turmeric for throat

How to effectively use turmeric for throat
Turmeric milk

Whenever you catch a cold you get a sore throat but not anymore. Once you learn the benefits turmeric has to offer for your sore throat you will be joyful to know it. After reading this article you will not be spending dollars on betadine solution to treat your sore throat, instead, you will be using turmeric to treat your sore throat. 

Just take the following ingredients to treat your source throat and cold

  1. One glass full of warm water
  2. Half teaspoon of rock salt
  3. Half teaspoon of turmeric powder

After waking up in the morning and before sleeping in the night you have to gargle with this water and you will find it to be very effective on your cold and sore throat. Turmeric has been used in Ayurveda to treat tonsillitis. According to Ayurveda Turmeric has been used to treat chronic tonsillitis you just have to take care that you have to use fresh turmeric root to treat chronic tonsillitis. 

The above health benefits which I have written about in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. Turmeric is really a miracle spice that has tremendous health benefits we just have to include it in our daily lifestyle and within a few weeks, you will find that it is one of the best decisions you have taken in your life.

The health benefits turmeric offers are so many that it can cure many deadliest diseases if used properly according to the research going on all over the world on turmeric.

How to effectively use turmeric for heart health

Turmeric is a natural blood purifier that also improves blood circulation and helps strengthen the arteries and also helps reduces bad cholesterol. That is why you should definitely include it in your diet if you are a heart patient or someone in your family is suffering from many hard diseases.

How to effectively use turmeric for liver detox

Turmeric has many antimicrobial properties that help in detoxifying the liver and it also helps increase the bile produced by the liver. This is the reason why doctors in Ayurveda prescribed turmeric to be used in basically all the cases of liver diseases. And it is very simple to include turmeric in your daily lifestyle you can learn various simple dishes which include turmeric in preparing them. 

How do you use turmeric for arthritis and joint pain?

Turmeric is a natural painkiller that is also rich in many anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is a powerful painkiller that has many amazing benefits in relieving pain. Not only does turmeric possess the above qualities addition all these turmerics also help boost the immune system, help manage weight and it also helps control blood sugar levels of your body. Turmeric is a natural medicine for controlling diabetes and it also helps in digestion and helps you improve memory when used properly it helps to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Some researchers point out that turmeric is useful and it has shown science of killing cancer cells.

Easy ways to include Turmeric in your daily lifestyle

Easy ways to include Turmeric in your daily lifestyle
Turmeric tea

A very easy yet effective way to include turmeric in your daily lifestyle is to use turmeric water 1 hour before breakfast.

You can boil one glass of water with half a teaspoon of turmeric and a pinch of black pepper as directly adding turmeric to water and drinking it might cause body heat so it is better to boil it and strain it before drinking it. 

After drinking it do not eat anything for at least half an hour.

The second easy effective way to include turmeric in your daily lifestyle is to use turmeric milk before you sleep at the night.

Half an hour before sleeping in the night take one glass full of cow milk and boil it in a pan along with half a teaspoon of turmeric and a pinch of black pepper. Black pepper is mixed with turmeric to activate the micronutrients present in turmeric. Black pepper works in tandem with turmeric to increase the health benefits of turmeric. It has been proved in many kinds of research that adding black pepper along with turmeric increases the application of turmeric.

Just go online and check all the major curcumin-based supplements that will always have a bit of black pepper in their ingredients list. 

But you need not spend your hard dollars on those expensive supplements and instead use turmeric the way I have told you in this article.

Use any of the above two drinks and include them in your daily diet you can even include both the drinks one in the breakfast and the other before sleeping and practice it for at least 3 months, you will be amazed by looking at the effects it will have on your body after 3 months.


Turmeric is a gift that India has given to this world we should recognize this and spread the word by sharing this knowledgeable article with your friends and family and reap the benefits turmeric has to offer.

Our modern world has a common problem of adulteration in many products therefore I will recommend you to use natural and organic and authentic turmeric from trusted sources.

I have well some research on some authentic and good quality turmeric root and powder and only after that I am listing down the links to buy them.

You might bite easily or you can search for authentic and pure turmeric in your nearby shops but make sure to use only authentic and pure turmeric for the various health benefits it has to offer.