Full Body Detox: 15 Minutes to Rejuvenate Your Body

Full Body Detox: 15 Minutes to Rejuvenate Your Body
Learn to detox your body

Hello friends, in this article I will tell you a simple yet effective method to detox your body in 15 minutes. You might wonder that is it that simple to detox our body within 15 minutes and whether it is worth it or not. Well, you try it just once and then let me know what you think of it. This technique has been practiced in my home for ages. My grandmother used to teach it to me. It is a very simple yet effective and harmless way to detox your body. just give it a try. This technique also does not require you to spend a lot on it.

My grandmother told me that she read these techniques in the ancient ayurvedic texts which were written hundreds of years ago but they are very effective and it is totally natural. Modern science has also recognized this technique and slowly it is gaining its foot in western countries. The origin of this technique is India. According to my grandmother if you practice this technique daily it will cure your body of more than 40 ailments from the root cause. Your body will be as pure as it was when you were born.

What does detoxing get rid of?

If you do this process correctly as told, it can get rid of the following :

  • Asthma
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Migraine
  • Arthritis
  • Acne

To do this you only require one ingredient, and the cost for the whole procedure is very little. My grandma used to tell me about this when I was a kid but I started doing this only two years back and believe me the benefits are mind-boggling. This technique will remove all the toxins stored in your body for a long time. Just read the article till the end and also share it for the benefit of your family and friends.

Is detoxification necessary?

Before you get ready to start the process you should understand why is it necessary to detox your body. Or is it even required to detox our body. Most of us who live in cities are prone to polluted air. Whatever you do you can not escape the fact that you are prone to polluted air and it affects your body in the long run. We inhale chemicals released by vehicles, industries. Above all this, your general diet has taken a toll too. You will get fast food, fried foods more easily than a healthy alternative. In your attempt to cope with the fast-moving life of the city you start using processed and packaged food.

Food which we don’t directly source from nature is tough for our body to digest, but still, you eat them without giving a second thought. These foods stick to the inner lining of your intestines and remain stuck for a long period of time. Slowly they start getting rotten inside your body and you will grow lethargic. that large cheeseburger and fries that you might have eaten 6 months back might still be there attached to the inner lining of your intestines. Horrifying isn’t it! These become toxins slowly getting mixed to your bloodstream and slowly the toxins will reach all the organs of your body.

Wherever it reaches it will only cause diseases that will slowly make your body sick. If it reaches your windpipe you will slowly start getting symptoms of asthma and if you don’t take timely action you sure will suffer from asthma. It can cause constipation too if it sticks to your intestines. It can grow to severe constipation if not treated. Acnes are caused by the same toxins if they somehow reach your skin through blood. These acnes are very tough to remove and they leave back dark patches and are very bad to look at.

You sure don’t want to live like this with so many ailments. You just have to take action and try out this simple technique.

How to remove toxins from our body?

The brilliant technique that I am talking about will seem very simple and you might have even heard about it. But believe me, if you do it daily it is a very powerful weapon to detoxify your body. This technique is known as oil pulling. Every morning when you are empty stomach just take 2 tbsp of cold-pressed oils and keep it in your mouth. You can use coconut oil, sesame oil, or even mustard oil. I generally use coconut oil as it is anti-inflammatory too. What you have to do is to squish the oil inside your mouth for ten to twenty minutes. You can do it while doing other daily chores. after 10 to 20 minutes you can spit the oil and you will observe the difference in the color of the oil. It will become milky white as it now has the toxins from your body. It will pull toxins from your mouth and also your body.

It may seem a bit strange to you how can oil pulling extract toxins from your body. I’ll try to explain from what I have understood. Basically, oil and water will not mix however hard you try but if you mix two oils they will mix quickly. Similarly, the toxins stored inside our bodies are basically covered in lipids and fats. All these toxins and bacteria are covered in oils. So when you are doing oil pulling, the oil inside your mouth acts as a magnet, and all the toxins inside your mouth are attached to the oil and mixed with it.

So when you spit the oil it removes all the toxins naturally trapped in the oil from your body. Your tongue is a very powerful organ that is attached by way of veins to different organs of your body. These organs are the kidneys, intestines, spine, lungs, and heart. So when you are doing oil pulling the toxins are extracted from deep inside your body through these veins from the tongue and in this way this method helps you to detox your whole body. It is such a powerful way that you will become a fan of it once you experience the same.

According to ayurvedic scriptures, this process is called Gandush kriya and it is written when you do this procedure this will suck all the toxins from your bloodstream. According to the scriptures, gandush kriya will be more effective if it is done for a longer time. But when you will start this process in the beginning it will be difficult to hold oil beyond 5 to 10 minutes, and by my experience, that is enough to remove toxins from your body. When you do this process you will feel some sensation in your neck region, that is because it is extracting toxins from your body. By this technique, deep-rooted toxins are also removed.

Benefits of oil pulling

When you start doing oil pulling the very first effect that you will see is in your oral health. Almost all oral problems will be gone within a week. Cavities, yellow teeth, swollen and inflamed gums, bad breath, plaque, and tar build up these all problems will be gone very soon if you do oil pulling daily. You will also find your teeth to be whiter and your gums and lips to be pinker. Also, so many of us want our face muscles to be toned. Just do oil pulling and you will naturally exercise your facial muscles which will help you to get a sharp jawline and clear skin.

Since oil pulling removes the toxins which were sticking to your digestive tracts, hence it will help you get rid of constipation, acidity. Since toxins are the root cause of so many diseases, so when you start doing oil pulling and it removes toxins from your body. Your body will be naturally disease-free. it removes the rotten toxins from inside your body.

According to ayurvedic books gandush kriya or oil pulling makes your senses strong and it stimulates your mind. When I started doing this I was skeptical but now after two years, I can say that doing it every day this technique has increased my energy levels.

There are certain reports that state that a group of people while doing experiments reversed their grey hairs by just doing oil pulling. It is such a powerful remedy to so many diseases and health issues that you must genuinely think about adding it to your daily ritual. There is one side effect to oil pulling. If you do it daily you might experience fat loss. Got you there, didn’t I? Yes, this is a positive side effect that you might experience from oil pulling.

Who should do oil pulling?

Oil pulling can be done by anyone and should ve did by everyone. You have to make sure that you don’t swallow the oil, because of the obvious reasons. The oil contains toxins and if you swallow it you will not do yourself a favor. But if you mistakenly swallow the oil sometimes, don’t panic just repeat the procedure it is as simple as that. Make sure after doing the procedure don’t spit the oil in the sink as it might cause clogging of the pipe over a long timeframe.

You have to understand that oil pulling is a very rewarding exercise too. In just 10 minutes that you give for this procedure, you will be more than happy when you will see the benefits. Also, understand that if you do oil pulling daily it will be much better than simply brushing your teeth.

When to do oil pulling?

Every morning when you wake up drink water, freshen up, and then do oil pulling. This is the simplest, cheapest, and yet the most effective way to get rid of the toxins in your body.

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