World lung cancer day 2022: Do this if you have breathing problems | Clean your lungs in 5 easy ways

Last week I was talking to doctor Swapna who is a specialist in Ayurveda she told me that the lungs are themselves an organ whose primary function is to clean. But if you are feeling any breathing problems or heaviness in your lungs it may be due to deposits inside your lungs due to the pollution that you breathe day in day and day out.

World lung cancer day 2022: breathing problems, heaviness in your lungs is due to dirt in your lungs| clean your lungs in 5 easy ways
Clean your lungs to stay healthy and breathe fresh air

There are certain easy yet effective ways to remove this cough from your lungs and improve the capacity of your lungs to breathe. You can make some changes in your lifestyle and food habits which in turn will turn your lungs into new ones. You should always clean your lungs to properly utilize the power of your lungs and breathe pure oxygen which will help you lead a healthy life.

All the body parts and organs present in your body are made up of cells and all the cells require oxygen to survive and multiply and perform their function properly. One of the primary organs present in your body is your lungs which are required by your body to free and therefore stay alive. You might have understood all important lungs are for your survival yet you take them for granted. Read the full article and implement the changes and your lungs will thank you later for taking care of it.

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Lungs are present in your chest and are two in number, they are made up of a sponge-like structure which is filled up with air. Lungs are very important for your survival therefore if you want to live a healthy life then it is a necessity for your lungs to perform very well. 

But air pollution smoking cigarettes and other chemical laded air and dust particles which you breathe continuously reaches the insides of your lungs and form a layer and deposit in your lungs. In addition to other factors if you live in a cold place then by breathing cold air all these deposits get thick and slowly over time they become thickness which is deposited in your lungs and causes problems and other lung issues. 

Toxins that are deposited in your lungs make you feel heavy and you have problems in breathing along with inflammation, over time if this is not treated it can become a serious health disorder that can slowly become cancerous. Therefore to be vigilant on this topic every year on the first of August we celebrate world lung cancer day(1) 2022 to make people aware of the importance of lungs and how to keep it healthy.

According to doctors, the lungs are very essential organs that are needed by our body to breathe and one of the primary functions of our lungs is to filter the air and keep the other body organs safe from dust and other harmful chemicals. But slowly over time when you keep on breathing pollution-laden air, there is a deposit of toxins and cough in your lungs which should be removed from your lungs so that you can breathe fresh air and increase the capacity of your lungs.

Cleaning lungs is actually cleaning the cough deposits and toxins deposits inside your lungs. When these deposits are clean your lungs become just like a new organ that will perform to its peak capacity and you will thank yourself for doing this cleanse. Your air and windpipe will become free which will help you breathe properly thereby increasing the amount of oxygen the body intakes and absorbs. This will provide cells in your body with enough oxygen that will help your lungs perform like new just like they worked when you were just a kid. 

Steam therapy to clean your lungs

Inhale steam to clean your lungs

One of the easiest yet very effective ways to clean your lungs is to inhale the steam. It is a very common practice to inhale steam when you catch a cold and cough. This helps in decongesting your lungs when you get cold and cough.  

You must have understood that inhaling steam is a very powerful decongestant that can heat the insides of your lung and loosen the cough deposit and if done regularly it will remove all the cough deposits and toxins present inside your lungs by making them loosen up and moist.

To clean your lungs naturally cough in a controlled manner

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To clean your lungs naturally cough in a controlled manner

Your body is built in such a way that it can fight the majority of the health issues itself. Coughing is one of its ways to fight and remove toxins that have entered your body through your lungs. When you cough all the cough deposited inside your lungs is removed from your lungs and slowly comes out through your mouth and nose. 

Therefore doctors always suggest that whenever you are feeling little congested lungs and heaviness in breathing you should try controlled coughing. This will help you in decongesting your lungs and will remove all the cough deposited in your lungs and will make your lungs new again.

How to cough to remove toxins present inside your lungs

  • Sit down on a chair in a relaxed position with your feet touching the ground.
  • Press your stomach with your hands a little bit
  • Slowly inhale air from your nose
  • English position slowly exhale air as you bend forward.
  • When you are exhaling slowly cough for 2 to 3 times while bending forward
  • Again slowly inhale air from your nose
  • Repeat this whole process according to your capacity
  • Practice bleeding exercises such as Pranayam anulom vilom and kapalbhati
  • Exercise for healthy lungs

If you exercise regularly you will gain not only mental health but also a healthy body. Exercising regularly pressurizes your muscles to work faster. When your muscles work faster it helps your lungs to get stronger and your lungs perform at their peak, therefore, providing an adequate amount of oxygen cells and muscles in your body. This improves the blood circulation in your body and in turn your body effectively removes the carbon dioxide from the body which is produced inside your body during exercise.

Smoking rots your lungs (Clean your lungs and quit smoking)

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Clean your lungs and quit smoking

According to Ayurveda and modern science and health specialist, you should quit smoking as soon as possible to keep your lungs healthy. Actually when you inhale air then along with oxygen smoke from the cigarette is also inhaled and it directly comes into contact with the healthy inner skin of your lungs, therefore, causing maximum damage to your lungs. 

This dangerous situation leads to mixing all the harmful chemicals with your blood supply and slowly it reaches all over your body causing maximum damage to delicate cells and muscles due to harmful chemicals and heavy metals present in the smoke. You do not realize but slowly over time, you are inviting your death by smoking. This whole process slowly leads to the formation of cancerous cells inside your lungs and once cancer forms it is very difficult to treat and it will engulf your body and make you very sick.

Therefore quit smoking from today itself to live a healthy life and spend time with your friends and family as the best gift that you can give to your friends and family is your healthy self.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods to keep your lungs healthy and clean your lungs

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Clean your lungs by including anti-inflammatory foods

When you inhale toxins, chemicals, and smoke slowly over time your windpipe gets inflamed due to the deposits of toxins which causes difficulty in breathing and you will find it very difficult whenever you exercise or run a little as your body especially your lungs are unable to support any physical activity as they don’t perform at their peak.

Make sure that you include anti-inflammatory foods in your diet. These forces will help you fight the toxins inside your body and will keep your lungs healthy as it will help your lungs to breathe pure oxygen and remove toxins and carbon dioxide from your body. 

Some of the foods which are anti-inflammatory are garlic turmeric Ginger. You can prepare turmeric and ginger tea which is a very simple preparation as it is made up of just 3 ingredients. You just have to boil water along with turmeric and ginger and straight and drink it straight away to feel the difference and reduce the inflammation in your body.

Use ginger to cleanse your lungs

I wish that with this article you have gained some perspective and will make enough changes in your lifestyle and lead a healthy life. If in any way you like this article and found this article helpful make sure to share it with your friends and family and spread health and happiness around you.

Disclaimer this post is a general idea of how you should treat your lungs and make them work at their peak performance. But remember that this is not an alternative to any medicine that you might be taking for any health issues. Take the advice of your doctor in case of any serious health issues.