Are you suffering from a toothache? |Use these 5 best medicine for toothache relief quickly.

Are you someone who is suffering from toothache and are unable to enjoy your favorite food properly? Is the pain in your teeth a constant thing or did it start a few days back? Are you afraid to visit your doctor because you fear that your doctor will remove your bad teeth?

If the answer to all the above questions is a yes, then don’t worry as I have come up with the best medicine for toothache relief and that too you don’t have to step out of your house to gather all the ingredients as all the items that I am going to talk about are present in a normal kitchen and you will definitely have them handy.

Also, since the 5 best medicines that I am going to talk about are present in your kitchen, it is needless to say that they are natural and ayurvedic which do not have any side effects and are light on your wallet.

best medicine for toothache
Toothache can be very difficult to deal with

Also, I would like to clarify that if you are in too much pain you should definitely go and visit your dentist to make sure there is nothing to be afraid of. And the best medicine for toothache relief that I am going to tell you will be very effective and I can promise you that if you use them properly in the exact step by step way that I am going to teach you, your teeth will always be healthy and you will never face toothache ever again. Toothache can be caused in the teeth or your gums and nearby places. If you are suffering from toothache it is very important to understand that what is the root cause for this pain?

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Toothache is a very common issue these days. Toothache can be due to a variety of factors such as inflammation, cavities, erosion of enamel, infections, and dirt deposits. Toothache can be so bad sometimes that you will feel difficulty in eating food, as you will feel pain while chewing food. Also, toothache is not just limited to when you are eating, it can also cause pain when you are drinking water. You will feel toothache when you are drinking cold water.

You feel pain while drinking cold water as when the cold water comes into contact with your teeth’s veins and tissues there is a difference in temperature created as the blood flowing in the veins in warmer and the water that you just drank is cold. These veins and tissues are very delicate and sensitive, therefore as soon as the cold water comes into contact with your teeth and gums you feel a sharp pain. And often times when these veins and tissues are infected with bacteria, the pain can be too much to bear.

Toothache can be so severe at times that it can even cost you your sleep. The pain can be so sharp that it will become very tough to even sleep properly. But don’t worry as there are some home remedies which are the best medicine for toothache and which are totally safe and very effective in providing toothache relief.

But if even after using these powerful home remedies your pain is not subsiding then you must immediately visit your dentist to understand the root cause of your toothache as it can be something very serious that needs to be looked upon immediately. The best medicine for toothache relief mentioned here will help you in averting this situation as if you regularly use them in your diet you will not face tooth-related issues.

The 1st best medicine for toothache relief is garlic

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The 1st best medicine for toothache relief is garlic

According to a Research report from NCBI, it has been proven that garlic is one of the best medicine for toothache relief. Garlic is full of antibacterial properties which help in overcoming your toothache by killing all the bacteria present in and around your teeth. Garlic can also clean the plaque deposit on your teeth thereby cleaning your teeth and killing all the bacteria present. 

You can use garlic in various forms to get relief from toothache such as garlic tea, simply use a fresh garlic clove, and the fresh juice secreted from the garlic will help you fight the bacteria and will help you recover from your toothache. There is one more way in which garlic can be useful to treat toothache, this can be by applying a paste of garlic on the place which is affected by pain.

Use the above methods to get relief from toothache and in the future include garlic as much as you can use daily needs to get the benefit of garlic in your own health and also dental health.

The second best medicine for toothache relief is cloves

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The second best medicine for toothache relief is cloves

Cloves find a special place in Indian kitchens. Indians have been using cloves to get relief from toothache for centuries. You will find cloves in every Indian house. It is a very beneficial spice and should be included in your diet as it has a plethora of benefits. 

According to the national center for biotechnology(*) information clove oil consists of eugenol and acetyl eugenol which is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic and it is very beneficial in treating toothache. You can simply put a single piece of clove in between the teeth where it is paining and press it to Secrete its juices and get the benefits it has to offer or you can simply buy clove oil from the market and simply put a drop for 2 on the affected area to treat toothache.

Cloves are very beneficial when it comes to getting relief from toothache therefore definitely try this step if you are having a severe toothache and let me know in the comments how was your pain after using cloves.

The third best medicine for toothache relief is onion

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the best medicine for toothache relief is onion

Onion has many benefits when it comes to your health as it is an accident antibacterial food. Onion is also a very good antioxidant and including food using onion in your meals can be very beneficial for your overall health. Onions are also very tasty it increases the taste of every meal and food to which it is added.

Onions can be eaten raw and also after cooking. Onions have excellent antibacterial properties which are very beneficial for your toothache. It is one of the best medicine for tooth ate relief and it is also one of the best home remedies for toothache relief. Apart from that since onion is a food so it is totally natural to use it to get relief from toothache. If you are really upset with a severe toothache you can simply keep a piece of onion in the place which is affected by pain and see its magic within a few minutes. 

If you find this method effective in your two thick kindly let us know in the comments so that other people can also use the same method to get rid of toothache.

The fourth best medicine for toothache relief is salt water

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Gargle with salt water to treat toothache

In Ayurveda, it is an old practice to gargle with salt water to get numerous benefits from it. Modern science has also come to an agreement with this ayurvedic practice. It is also one of the best medicine for toothache relief. 

You simply have to warm some water in a pan and add salt to it then check the temperature of the water before filling your mouth with it once you fill your mouth with this saltwater you simply have to go and perform this function for some minutes before spitting it out. You can use this mixture just like you use a branded mouthwash but let me assure you that in no way any branded mouthwash is better than this natural and homemade mouthwash. 

You can repeat this whole process 2 to 3 times a day as it is totally natural and free from any side effects after using it for 2 to 3 days you will find a significant increase in your dental health and relief from toothache.

The fifth best medicine for toothache relief is mint leaves

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mint leaves for toothache relief

Just like cloves mint leaves are also one of the basic kitchen ingredients that you will find in any Indian home in fact Indians are so fond of mint leaves that they will generally have a planted in their kitchen garden. 

Just like cloves, mint leaves are extremely efficient when it comes to decreasing inflammation in your gums. It is extremely beneficial in providing relief from toothache and gum pain. You can simply chew off mint leaves to get their juices all over the affected area to feel the benefits of mint leaves or you can buy peppermint oil which is easily available in markets and gargle with 2 to 3 drops of peppermint oil in a glass of water.

You can even prepare a paste of mint leaves and eat it along with your food just like you would eat any other sauce it is very tasty and as you would have understood by now very beneficial for your oral health. 

You can even keep a little warm peppermint tea back on the tooth which is giving you trouble after you have prepared peppermint tea with the teabag.

I hope the above-mentioned home remedies which in my opinion are the best medicine for toothache relief will be very beneficial to you as well so surely try it in an exact way and let me know in the comments which one of the above methods is the best according to you and any other suggestion that you might have to offer and its respect do let me know in the comments.

Till the next article, I wish you and your family a very healthy wealthy, and happy life. Xo Xo.