The best diet for humans | Eat this! & You will be 20 years younger

Fruits were intended to be the best food type by the nature itself.
Nature intended fruits to be the best source of all our body needs

The best combination is high energy but an empty stomach. Fruits and vegetables can be termed as the best diet for humans This is the time when our brain and body work the best. As a human being, this is the time when you function the best. So if you want to use your brainpower and also physical activity it will work perfectly for you in this state. Keep on reading and I will tell you the exact food to make you 20 years younger, and the best diet for humans.

What to eat to be healthy? || When to eat to be healthy? and How to eat to be healthy with 12 healthy food options

What is the best diet for humans? (Best food for humans)

Different types of fuel for different machines.
Gasoline at a local gas station

Take any type of fuel that we use in different machines, such as bikes, cars, tractors, trucks, aircraft, space rockets, the efficacy of the fuel is measured by the ease with which it burns. All the different machines mentioned above use different types of fuel. You may have seen the octane levels of the fuel are mentioned in the gasoline pumps. All these fuels have different octane levels and interchanging the fuel types will only lead to problems.

Similarly, your body is also a machine. It has various complicated working parts and if you use the wrong fuel you are bound to suffer. Your body will work at its optimum when you feed it the right fuel. The most easily digestible food for your body is fruits. You can eat loads of it

How does fruits affect digestion? | Do fruits digest faster?

All types of medical issues can be resolved by eating fruits regularly.
Pain due to indigestion

Digestion means jathar agni in Ayurveda. In order for your digestive fire to burn in the best way, the way it is supposed to be, fruits are the best food to make that happen. Fruit is definitely the best form of food for your body to work at its best. You must understand that fruit is the one food that nature itself intended to be food. Most fruits that you find, like mango or an apple, by the end of the month of may you might refuse to look at an apple for the sweet mango.

pexels photo 5875696
Mango(1) is one of the sweetest fruit.

Let’s take mango, the seed is the important part of the mango. Whereas, the flesh or the pulp of the fruit is so enchanting that you might drool over it. Nature intends to make it so tasty that you can’t resist the urge to eat it. And then humans and animals carry the seeds and drop them somewhere far.

What happens to your body when you eat only fruits? | Will you become 20 years younger?

Fruits can do miraculous things to your body. Sufficient consumption of fruits can do great things for your system. One can become very very alive and active. I am talking with experience. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old, 60 years old, or 70 years old, if you go on a fruit diet you will definitely feel the energy flow.

But if you are doing a very menial type of job. Let’s say you are digging outside, and not by a machine but manually, or you might be lifting heavy sacks and loading it from the godown to the truck. Then you might get hungry every two hours if you are eating only fruits. Till you reach a certain level of awareness where you are able to be empty stomach and still be energetic because hunger is about running out of energy. It is somewhat similar to running out of battery. This is the reason you need to eat.

Can a person survive by eating only fruits?

But unfortunately today a lot of people, or most people you can say when they feel a little empty in the stomach, they feel like eating. To get out of this you need a little awareness. You need to understand that you are on an empty stomach, but you are okay because you are energetic. Only when the energy starts dipping do you eat. So if you go on a total fruit diet, you may have to spend a little more time at lunchtime and eat slowly. This will help you to ingest enough fruit.

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Fruits are the best diet for humans

With fruits, you will feel full because it’s generally sweet. So one has to wait and eat slowly. There is also a bio clock within us. Let us say that you take 10-15 minutes to eat your normal mini-cooked meal. Even if you eat fruits, by the time you reach 10- 15 minutes, your body will say that you have eaten enough, because it is in your habit to eat for so long. So you have to consciously eat more because your body is adapted to that 10- 15 minutes eating ritual. When those 10- 15 minutes have passed you feel that you are full.

How many fruits should you eat every day?

So you have to go beyond that and consume more fruits and consume enough. Now if you are only on a fruit diet and also very active physically, then it is important that you should take three meals a day. But, you might be taking three meals a day already. So three times a day, considering you sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day. For the remaining 16 to 18 hours eating three times a day is more than enough if you are eating just fruits.

But your stomach will start feeling empty after just two hours of eating fruits. So you must get used to hanging on with high energy but an empty stomach. This is the time your brain works the best. This is when your performance is at its peak as a human being. So if you want to use your brainpower and also add some physical activity, it will work perfectly well.

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A woman eating fruits.

You just have to check what kind of fruits you have to eat. Make sure that you are eating a variety of fruits that are grown locally and are in season. There are a vast variety of fruits available every season. It is incredible that nature takes care of what variety of fruits your body requires in a certain season. There have been various studies that suggest how for that particular season the fruits that are naturally grown in that region are the best for your body.

Which fruits should be eaten daily?

Also, it is very interesting to observe that the right kind of fruits grows in the particular season from the earth. Nature works in a mysterious way. But all this is only good when you are eating locally grown fruits, but now you are eating fruits that are grown in different lands, they have very different seasons at the time. If you are eating from the land around you, you will see the right kind of fruit is coming to you at the right season.

It is the best thing to eat at that time. Above all, it is ecologically a very sensible way to eat locally produced fruits. It is my personal suggestion to everybody reading this, that you all should at least add 30% of your diet to fruits. Because if 30% of your fruit comes from trees, not from plowed land and crop, ecologically it will make a great difference.

What will happen if I eat only fruits? | Is fruits the best diet for humans?

There are many examples of people who are on an only fruit diet. I know somebody who went on the same diet. Her diet consists of just one fruit. And she continued her diet for a full 1008 days. The fruit she ate was orange, only orange for 1008 days. When she started this diet, she was full of ailments. She hated her life as she was suffering from diabetes, thyroid, she was overweight. She also had high blood pressure.

After 1008 days she came out 20 years younger, full of life and joy. All ailments went naturally. This is just one case that I am telling you where a person cured themselves of all the ailment by going fruit-only diet. Now after reading this you also don’t jump for oranges, or else there will be a shortage of oranges :D. Or at least move to Florida. Just kidding.

How does eating fruits effects our ecosystem?

Yes fruits can make a wonderful difference in your life especially in today’s world it is very important because you value a human being for their brainpower, a person who is as strong mentally as he is physical, That person is valued most in today’s world.

pexels photo 574919
The best diet for humans is fruits.

Let’s compare a fruit diet and a meat diet, what effect will both diets have on our ecosystem? One study has shown that for one person to survive on a meat diet, we will need 15000 liters of water. But for that same person to survive on a fruit diet, the requirement is only 300 liters. You should consider going on a fruit diet for your healthy mind, soul, and healthy body, and above all for our planet. All the rivers of this planet will flow again.

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