Women: Don’t ignore these Health checkups after crossing 30 years of age

Health checkups after crossing 30 years of age
Health checkups after crossing 30 years of age

On the occasion of women’s day 2022 let us learn about the 5 health checkups women should undergo to keep themselves at bay from the diseases which are common in today’s life.

Womens have to take care of their health much more  than that of men. After crossing 30 years of age women are more prone to some diseases that is why after crossing 30 years age they should undergo 5 health checkup for sure. Let us understand what are the 5 health checkups that women should undergo.

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5 Women’s health checkups after 30 are:

Health checkup no. 1 PAP smear test

According to experts, after crossing 30 years of age women should undergo a PAP smear test. This test is for women. This test is conducted in the pelvic region where doctors take out cells in the cervix region and look out for suspected cancer cells. It is a common type of cancer in the cervical area but you don’t have to worry as it should be done only when there is any abnormality and the doctor suggests you undergo this test. PAP smear test consists of studies on women’s vagina ovary fallopian tube uterus and the health of the vulva it also helps us understand any disease that is carried by sexual intercourse.

Health checkup no. 2 Mammogram test

Mammography is a special technique by which we can check for breast cancer in women. Women are prone to breast cancer everywhere in the world, there is a chance that they contract this disease to detect this disease early doctors perform mammogram tests women should undergo Mammogram test twice a year in this test women have to keep their breasts between two x-ray plate to detect cancer.

Health checkup no. 3 Thyroid function test

Majority of the women have a high probability of thyroid after the cross 30 years of age thyroid is a gland situated in your net and it secretes thyroid hormone if it is in the exact value which is required by the body then your gland function correctly but in case hormones are secreted more or less than the required value you will suffer from hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. As women age, there is a slight chance of them suffering from thyroid that is why they should undergo thyroid function tests to know about their thyroid function health check-ups can help them take action.

Health checkup no. 4 Lipid panel test

along with men women should also undertake liquid panel test as it is a very important health check-up this women’s day you should promise yourself that you will get this test done in regular intervals leopard panel test records the cholesterol level and triglyceride level of your body which can help you make changes so as to live a happy and healthy life regularly getting this health checkup will help you avoid a heart attack by controlling the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in your body.

Health checkup no. 5 Blood pressure test

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Blood pressure test

Today not just men but women in the fast-moving world often suffer from blood pressure women suffer from hormonal changes in pregnancy and stress these conditions make their blood pressure increase or decrease from the normal range sometimes they can create a danger. That is why women should surely undergo blood pressure tests at regular intervals. This will help them award dangerous diseases in the future.

Disclaimer: The information given in this block is not prescription these are just to educate women on women’s day.

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