In Season 3, ‘The Dream’ Podcast Takes On Life Coaching

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There are plenty of podcasts about cons of all kinds: “Scam Goddess,” “Chameleon,” “Swindled,” “Oh My Fraud.” What sets “The Dream” apart is a particular mix of cynicism, compassion and genuine curiosity, most of it articulated in Marie’s crabby voice. “I’m like a petulant teen,” she said. “I’ve always been like that.” Ira Glass, who … Read more

Want to thrive? First, learn to fail.

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When Sara Blakely, founder of the shapewear brand Spanx, was a child, her father would pose an unusual question to her and her brother over dinner: How did you fail this week? “He encouraged us to fail, and not to be afraid of it,” she told me. “If we didn’t have something to tell him … Read more