Bruce Springsteen Is Treated for Symptoms of Peptic Ulcer Disease. What Is It?


Bruce Springsteen announced on Wednesday night that he would be postponing September shows because he is being treated for symptoms of peptic ulcer disease. Such symptoms are common, said Dr. William Chey, chief of the division of gastroenterology and hepatology at Michigan Medicine, and typically include nausea and burning, stabbing pain in the upper abdomen … Read more

CPAP Maker Agrees to $479 Million Settlement Over Defects

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Philips Respironics has agreed to a $479 million partial settlement on claims over flaws in the company’s breathing machines that spewed gases and flecks of foam into the airways of consumers and that spawned recalls involving millions of the devices, lawyers for plaintiffs in the lawsuit announced on Thursday. As one segment of continuing class-action … Read more