How to lose weight naturally after you cross 40 years of age | start these 5 habits to lose your weight naturally and keep it under control

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With the increase in your age, it is natural to gain weight. Health specialist tells us that slowly and sturdy as you gain years in your life you’re bound to gain weight as your metabolism slows down. And this slow down in metabolism causes weight gain in this age group. Keep on reading to know the … Read more

How to effectively use turmeric | 8 Surprising help benefits of turmeric (for skin hair and more)

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How to effectively use turmeric? Turmeric is being used in India and various other eastern countries for the last thousand years. There are references to turmeric in ancient ayurvedic medicine Siddha medicine and also traditional Chinese medicine Unani medicine. Now even the western countries are acknowledging the health benefits of turmeric so much that the … Read more